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Robot or Ronot!

'Robots are good for us because they help us with jobs.' 'Robots can be good for us because they can help disabled people with tasks.' 'Robots can be used to detect danger.'

'Robots are not good for us because we need to learn to do things for ourselves.' Robots are bad for us because we wouldn't do any exercise if robots did everything for us.' 'Robots could be faulty!'

These are just some of the arguments that the children came up with in class 6 this week when we were debating the question; 'are robots good for us?' We were also debating what is a robot and what isn't. Traffic lights certainly got the children thinking!

We have been fascinated by the different roles robots can carry out. The link below is to a website we looked at in class showing some amazing robots.

In English we have been focusing on direct speech and how to punctuate it correctly. This is very tricky and I'm very impressed with how the children have persevered.

Remember you need to have read at least three times at home and have an adult record this in your planner to get a reading raffle ticket on Monday.  

Have a lovely weekend everyone. 

Oh and here are a few examples of the wonderful robot posters that were designed this week: