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Today, we are going to read the text 'Diary from the Beagle'. Who do you think may have written this diary entry?! In the live lesson, we are going to apply our 4 reciprocal reading strategies (predict, clarify, question and summarise). You will then follow this up with some VIPERS questions for your independent task.

Year 5 Maths

Sum5.7.2 - Calculating lengths and angles in shapes

Year 6 Maths

Sum6.1.1 - Read and interpret line graphs

Spelling & Reading

Read for pleasure - read a book of your choice and summarise what you have read on class dojo

Spelling shed - practise Y5/6 words on spelling shed:


We know how much you have been enjoying our science lessons this term and how many questions you have had about the human body and blood! This afternoon we are going to combine science and history as we learn about how the understanding of the human body has changed over time. Join in with the lesson on Oak Academy: