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Today we are going to spend some time planning our Charles Darwin biographies (seeing as though all of our research is in school!) so that we are ready to write tomorrow. We are going to gather information under the 3 subheadings:

  • Early life and family
  • Education
  • Career

Join the live lesson on Teams at 9am and we will look at how to structure this together. Some resources and websites are available below:


Year 5 Maths

Year 5 - Calculating angles around a point

Year 6 Maths

Year 6 - Angles in special quadrilaterals

Spelling & Reading

Read for pleasure - read a book of your choice and summarise what you have read on class dojo

Spelling shed - practise Y5/6 words on spelling shed:


Remote Sports Day!

Today we would like you to take part in 5 physical challenges as part of a remote sports day! Watch the videos below and attempt the challenges (they are harder than they look!) I can't wait to see photo/videos of your attempts on Class Dojo!


Completed it?! Why not record your own personal challenge idea and share it to Class Dojo?

Physical Challenges! - #1 (the shoe)

The first challenge (and one of the hardest ones, they say). You only need a shoe (of any colour!) for this one.

Physical Challenges! - #6 (toilet paper on your head)

This a funny one. It seems very easy but then you try it... and it is not that easy! Some people have reported taking more than 20 attempts before getting it done. Can you do it?

Physical Challenges! - #38 (bottle flip)

A challenge that takes bottle flipping one step further!!

Physical Challenges! - #61 (give me 5) - P.E. at home/school activity

Like trying to pat your head and rub your tummy at the same time! This challenge requires lots of concentration!

Physical Challenges! - #68 (four books)

Saved the best 'til last!