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Useful Websites for Finding Images

The websites below all provide images for use in your work. Some of the sites offer 'CC' (Creative Commons) licenses, whilst other sites allow you to use their images for school / home projects.


"Creative Commons" means that the images CAN be copied and saved legally for use in your work.

Many other websites may have images within them that do not have Creative Commons. This means that if you were to use those images you would be breaking the copyright law. (Google contains many images that are copyrighted, and using those images may not be allowed by the image owner - be sensible and avoid Google, use one of the services listed below).


Please respect copyright, and use Creative Commons only in your work. Please also remember to attribute the image when you use it (this means mention where the picture came from within your work).

Don't forget that when you are in school, you also have access to a large range of wonderful clipart provided to the school by Bev Evans. Just look on a computer in Computer --> Resources --> IMAGES