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Key Information for this Term: 


P.E.Thursday mornings – please ensure your child is in proper PE kit on these days.


Reading – as part of their homework, we do expect the children to read regularly at home. Reading is crucial to all aspects of children’s learning and we cannot emphasis the importance of regular reading at home. Little and often is the best way with reading! 5 minutes every day is better than trying to do longer periods of reading that don’t keep the children interested. If you need any support with your child’s reading, please do talk to your class teacher as we want to help support and develop your child’s love of reading.

· Times tables –As the Year 4s get closer to their end of year MTC (Multiplication Tables Check), we will be practising times tables every day. Year 4s will be expected to know all their times tables up to 12x by June so it would be great if you could support this through regular practise at home. Year 3s should already know their 2, 5 and 10 times table and will be working on their 3, 4 and 8 times table this term. Regular practice will also prepare the Year 3s for their assessment next year.


 Homework –We would like to start giving the children a small bit of weekly homework to prepare them for upper school and secondary. We also know that across the country, children and families struggled with the teaching and learning of maths during home learning and we want to help close some of the gaps that we have noticed from lockdown. Therefore, we will be giving the children weekly maths homework to complete alongside their reading, spelling and times tables. This homework will concentrate on essential maths skills and will support the children’s learning in school. We will give this out on a Friday and collect the following Friday so children will have a week to complete it. We will also post this on Class Dojo with an explanation to support parents as well. If the children are struggling to complete homework, we will ensure they have time within school day to complete their work.


Spellings – the children will have spelling lessons each week and a test each Friday. They will be given a spelling sheet to complete at home. They are also encouraged to play Spelling Shed at home to help them practice these. We will look at the Spelling Shed leader board in class and those working hard will be rewarded with house points.