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Tuesday 9th February

Today, we have an exciting 'virtual' class trip to Mansfield Museum. 


We will be 'getting on the bus' at 9am sharp - don't be late! Please make sure you have chosen your partner for the bus and have a few sweets and snacks for the bus journey. 


We will arrive at the museum at 9:30am. Rachael will meet us outside the museum for a LIVE Teams session at 9:30am. Please check your child's Teams calendar for their invitation to this live session. 


The learning video will be uploaded here on the website and the activities booklet will also be uploaded here on the website. 


We're looking forward to an exciting trip learning about ancient Egypt. We are going to be Tomb Raiders for the day!

Tomb Raiders KS2

Discover what life was like as an Egyptian. Take a close look at what hieroglyphics were used for and what happened during mummification.

Here are the activities from Mansfield Museum that you will need as you work through the lesson video