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Who’s Who

Come and meet the staff at our school!


Senior Management Staff

Miss. Fidler- Head Teacher
Miss. Moore - Deputy Head Teacher/SENCO
Upper School Staff

Mrs. Foster | Miss. Mintey | Miss. Moore |  Mrs. Wright
Lower School Staff

Miss. Athwal | Mrs. Sawyer | Mrs. Thomas 


Intervention and SEND

Miss. Moore

Specialist Teachers

Mrs. Goodman (MFL) |  Mrs. Hatch (Maths)
Teaching Assistants

Mrs. Louca | Mrs. Parr | Mrs. Spencer | Mrs. Waplington | Mr. Tooley | Miss. Stewart
Admin / Site Staff

Mr. Bicknell - Site Manager

Mrs. Hitchcock - Cleaner
Miss. Owen - Office Manager
Mrs. Murphy - Office Administrator
Mrs. Bradshaw - General Assistant/Environment Technician
Lunchtime Staff

Mrs. Matkowska | Ms. Payne | Mrs. Sianou  |  Mrs. Wheeldon 
Breakfast Club

Mrs. Bradshaw |  Mrs. Sianou
Kitchen Staff

Miss. Rogers - Chef