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Year 5

Year 5

Here is your Enquiry work for the next two weeks.


We are thinking about some of the current key issues in the world at the moment. The title of your learning is 'Respecting our planet and everyone in it'. 


Your work has been so creative and we can't wait to see what you complete over the next 2 weeks. Remember to keep sharing your work on Class Dojo and, as always, have fun!

Year 5


You have a very important mission over the next 2 weeks....

We have given you some tasks to complete to help the Year 2's coming to Porchester and the Year 4's moving into Upper School. As I'm sure you remember, both of these can be quite a nerve-wracking time and we have asked you to provide guides and posters to help them with their transition. We will be selecting some of them to put into a video, to send to the Year 2's and 4's, so show off how talented you are.

For the Music activity, Mrs Wright has sent everyone's log in to your parents on Class Dojo message. YUMU looks amazing- Mrs Wright and I were singing along as we planned this last week.

We really want you to be as creative as you can with these activities for the next 2 weeks. We can't wait to see what you come up with. 😄


Year 5,

This week you will be continuing the Enquiry work from last week, as it goes over two weeks. Your work has been so creative- keep it up.