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Friday 5th February 2021



Year 5&6 Writing Learning 5 2 21


No Screen Afternoon

No Screen afternoon

As part of Children's Mental Health awareness week, we would like you to have a NO screen time afternoon. We have given you two ideas of what you can do, over the afternoon. 


1. Can you cook something with an ingredient from the rainforest? We have put some recipe ideas on here for you to use if you would like to try them.  


2. Can you create your own rainforest animal? It can be an imaginary animal that has adapted to the rainforest environment.

You could create a collage, painting or a model- literally anything you like! Be as creative as you can! Think carefully what features it has to enable to to survive in the rainforest conditions. 


Be prepared to share a picture of what you have created on Monday smiley