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*This week in school is assessment week*


Today we are completing the Maths Reasoning 2 paper.


Explore this page on the bitesize website:


Choose some areas you feel less confident with, watch the videos and complete the tasks.

Reading for Pleasure


Make sure that you spend at least 20 minutes reading a book - this might be your reading book from school or a book of choice from home.


Apply the Reciprocal Reading strategies to it:

  1. Read the first line and predict what the chapter will be about
  2. Clarify any words you are not sure of
  3. Write any questions it makes you think of
  4. Summarise what the story was about 

Urban Hockey!

Today in school, we are lucky enough to be doing Urban Hockey. 


Watch the video below to look at some of the top 5 tricks.  Using equipment at home, can you choose a trick and try to copy it. 


Don't forget to video your trick once you have mastered it and upload to Dojo.