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February 16, 2019

Will's Brazil

Here's a lovely homework quiz created by William in Class1. How much do you know about Brazil?

Click this link to play the quiz full screen


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February 15, 2019

Good work and Generosity

Happy Half-Term! AD3113B7-50E3-450F-9AE3-5C549072CED0 189E223E-9988-4C37-A380-B50C1F0A621D

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Role Models of the week! ๐Ÿ˜ƒ


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It was fantastic to see Lower School and Upper School sharing their learning with each other. Upper school were sharing their Brazil books while Lower school played their games with upper school.  

We were all so impressed wi5h the maturity they showed and everyone learnt something new! 

Well done! 1E85CBEC-55FA-4A70-8D44-5203CF815A83

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February 14, 2019

iPads or Spinning Tops?

Children in Lower School have truly demonstrated their creative flair this week, designing a range of games using the skills and knowledge that they have developed throughout our topic! From quiz style board games to games using electrical circuits to programming their own computer games! We even had the pleasure of sharing our learning with Upper School this afternoon...


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February 09, 2019

Good Work Awards

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February 01, 2019

Good Work Awards

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Light bulb moment!

This week in lower school we have been learning all about the innovative inventions of the Victorian period. As well as the children considering how important they believe the inventions to be (one of them was ice cream so that was very interesting) and carrying out presentations about specific inventors, they also wrote a newspaper report about Thomas Edison. 

In class 6 we had a go at looking at our work by candle light and considered how amazing it must have been to see an electric light for the very first time. 

The effort the children are putting into their topic work is outstanding, they clearly have a passion for it. Keep up the good work! 

Remember spelling homework and spelling shed for next week. Also, keep up the reading at home. I want to see lots more reading raffle tokens in the jar before the end of the term!

Have a lovely, albeit frosty, weekend.

Mrs Sawyer




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January 30, 2019

Researching Victorian Inventors

This week the children in class7 have been finding out about the people who created some of the great Victorian inventions. They studied Rowland Hill, Isambard Kingdom Brunel, Thomas Edison, Thomas Twyford, Alexander Graham Bell, and James Starley.

Here are two examples of the research discoveries made by the groups of children;


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January 26, 2019

Another week to celebrate!

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