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Today, we are going to use our research and planning to write a biography about Charles Darwin's life under the 3 subheadings used yesterday: early life & family, education and career. Join the live lesson at 9am so we can practice turning our notes into detailed paragraphs, using the success criteria.

Here is the start of the first paragraph that we wrote together during the live session. Well done to you all for contributing your ideas smiley

Year 5 Maths

Sum5.6.5 - Triangles

Year 6 Maths

Sum6.5.2 - Angles in regular polygons


Spelling & Reading

Read for pleasure - read a book of your choice and summarise what you have read on class dojo

Spelling shed - practise Y5/6 words on spelling shed:


Today for our enquiry learning, we are going to continue to compare life cycles from across the animal kingdom. We would like you to complete the lesson on Oak National below. As part of the lesson, you will be asked to pause and watch a video which can also be found below.

Life cycles of various living organisms | Biology - Life Lessons