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Partaking in a bit of history!

It was lovely to celebrate class 6's 100% attendance success last week with a non-uniform day today. Well done everyone.

This week, class 6 and the rest of the lower school children, were whisked back in time to Ancient Egypt, thanks to the wonderful people of Partake who visited our school. The day involved exploring what life would have been like using our sense of touch, sight and even smell! We will soon be posting lots of pictures from the visit.

Other topic work this week has included thinking about the river Nile and why it was so important to the Ancient Egyptians and also starting to look at how we can use symbols instead of words to communicate. Our English work has revolved around writing sentences using our BOYS conjunctions and putting these into a Partake poster. 

We are hoping to catch up on our class book, Secrets of a Sun King, next week find out what Lilian will be doing next on her adventures!

Remember to bring spelling homework and reading planners in on Monday. 

Have a lovely, relaxing weekend. 

Mrs Sawyer