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Class 6 Reverse Advent


It has been another busy week in class 6. The children have been creating their own 'perfect future' by designing inventions to carry out tasks that they don't like doing! We had an interesting range of machines invented, from a litter picking bot and a machine that cleans the cat litter tray to a  'snack-o-matic!' 

This week we had a chat in class about how important it is, especially now the weather is turning colder, to think about people that aren't as lucky as we are and that might be homeless. We have decided to do a reverse advent calendar this December, which involves us bringing items in that can be donated to a charity that supports homeless people. It would be amazing if the children of class 6 could bring in one donation each during December, which we can put in our box to be handed over to the charity at the end of term. I have given the children a list of suitable donations and have also put the link below.

Have a lovely weekend and enjoy the first window of the advent calendars tomorrow! 

Mrs Sawyer