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30 Days Wild

After half term, the lower school children will be learning all about plants. This week the children were all given a Wildlife Trust 30 days wild sheet to take home. We thought it would be a fun activity, as well as support our topic work, to see how many 'wild activities' the children can complete in the month of June. If the children complete an activity they can come and tell the class about it and we can put it on our class charts. 


Some of the activities suggested in the 30 days wild pack include the following:

  • Go on a bug hunt
  • Sketch a garden/landscape/animal/flower picture
  • Count the number of insects/animals you see
  • Look at the clouds and see what shapes they make
  • Make something out of sticks and twigs - a den would be great fun!
  • Collect leaves that have fallen and make a collage with them
  • Write a wild poem
  • Find out what the flowers are called in the garden/park

What ever you do this half term, have lots of fun! 

The Lower School Team