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July 22, 2016

Farewell Year 6

What a memorable year group you have been. Good luck Year6 as you move onto new adventures.

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July 20, 2016

Movie Time

Over the past term the children in class 7 and class 3 have been planning special film projects in their computing lessons. Every pupil in each class has been involved in one way or another, as we initially began with a discussion about what type of film should be made. The children watched some examples that children had created in previous years - the brilliant silent movie films, some examples of greenscreen films, and also how SpecialFX could be used within a film.

As a class they each came up with the idea for science fiction films (at this point Mr. W quietly shook his head thinking this would be too difficult to do). In class 7 they chose Lewis to storyboard their ideas and put it together to tell a story, and then began to write a script involving a range of characters. A director was chosen (Mollie) who then had the role of listening to budding actors audition before selecting a group of children to take on the roles in the movie. 

  • IMG_9228
  • IMG_9908
  • IMG_9745

Other children were given other roles as part of the project;

  • there was a prop master who needed to make sure we had the items mentioned in the script.
  • there was a cameraperson whose job was to record all the scenes for the movie.
  • there were editors who would have to put all the scene clips together, cut bits out, add extra sound effects and make the film look awesome
  • and of course there were 'extras' who would be needed within some of the scenes of the movie.

Well, it's taken a little longer than we anticipated - mainly due to other events that have taken our computing time away - but I'm  pleased to say they've completed their masterpieces.

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Gifted and Talented

The gifted and talented group have worked extremely hard for their final project. All the children have had an input. They came up with a concept to write and star in a play and have shown their skills in witting, directing, filming and editing. I was really keen that they also showed their individual talents and I think this comes across with the pianists, dancing, footballers, ICT skills and acting. They all worked well as a team and I'm proud of each of you for your patience and resilience in making your movie.

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July 18, 2016

Information for our Year 6 leavers

Year Six leavers, please read this Important information about accessing the school website and Online Tools.

As your education comes to an end at Porchester, your access to the school website will be changing. During August this year you will find that you are no longer able to access many of the learning resources. This will be because your usernames will be removed from our list of users. Other resources you will still be able to access, but not edit or amend. Below is a list of the changes that you will notice;

Mathletics: Your account will be removed and access to all of the features in Mathletics no longer possible.

Planet Sherston: Your account will be removed and access to all of the features in Planet Sherston no longer possible.

PurpleMash: You will still be able to use a limited number of free activities, but access to most resources will no longer be possible. In addition you will not be able to save, or load, resources saved online within PurpleMash. Please download to your own computer any that you wish to keep.

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July 15, 2016

Out of this world!

Class7 had a great time at the National Space Centre on Wednesday. Here are a few images from their trip. 

  • IMG_9835
  • IMG_9836
  • IMG_9837
  • IMG_9840

 And the whole class had their photo taken with a famous astronaut...


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July 11, 2016

Printing the Future

As part of our ever developing computing curriculum, we were excited this week to receive our latest piece of technology: a 3D printer. This amazing device allows us to print out 3D objects that can be held, examined, coloured and be amazed by.


We already have a great piece of software within our PurpleMash online resource that allows pupils to create 3D designs of cars, trucks, lorries, buses, trains, houses, and various other 3D shapes. It's called '2Design&Make' (you'll find it in the 'tools' section of PurpleMash) and now, with our new 3D printer, we can take those pupil designs and make physical copies that can be held and coloured. In September there are plans to use this within lessons, and at other times across the curriculum too.

We've tested it with a PurpleMash vehicle, as well as an ornamental vase, and Mrs Ingle has asked for a special object related to her class and a lesson topic...

  • IMG_9808
  • IMG_9810
  • IMG_9811

 A PurpleMash car | 3D vase being printed | Completed vase

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July 09, 2016

Jason and the The Golden Fleece

Partake Theatre came to Porchester and we recreated the wonderful story of Jason and the Golden Fleece using Ancient Greek acting styles..









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July 08, 2016

Good work assembly

Well done everyone!


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Jason and the Argonauts

Upper school have had a special day going back in time to the world of the Ancient Greeks.



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Role models of the week

Well done to all of this week's role models.


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