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  • Providing pupils with a good standard of education
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July 05, 2015

Summer Fair 2015
We're happy to say Summer Fair was great succes. We have raised over £1100 with great help of PTA, Teachers and school Staff, school Governors, Parents, Traders, school Pupils and their Siblings and our generous Sponsors:
Canal Engineering Michael Bailey,Bubblelush, Chattel House, National Ice Center, Kudos, Fratelli, Bella Monty, Aaron's Orchard, Red Feather Photography, Jane Duwel mobile hairdresser, Scent With Love, Touch of Class, Dolly's Vintage Tearoom, Reno and Paul, Punch Bowl, Style Lounge, Kielys,Serenity Seven, Wallis and Goodrich, Witchyoble, Louise handbags, Super Mechanic, Sainsbury and Tesco.

Thank You very much for helping, for supporting our event and thank You for coming.

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July 03, 2015

What a great week!


Lots of fabulous achievements to celebrate:-)


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July 02, 2015

Sports Day

Wow! We had a fantastic afternoon for sports day today. All the children took part in 7 different events throughout the afternoon and it was lovely to see the sportsmanship and lovely attitude from all the children. Here are a few pictures from the afternoon, as you can imagine we were quite busy so we only had chance to take a couple.



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June 28, 2015

Porchester Junior School invite everyone to our annual Summer Fair. We will have games, food, cakes, face painting and lots more. Two raffles on children raffle main prize is BMX bike sponsored by Canal Engineering Michael Bailey. On adults raffle we've got prizes donate by: Bubblelush, Chattel House, National Ice Center, Claire Stubbs Photography, Kudos, Fratelli, Bella Monty, Aaron's Orchard, Red Feather Photography, Jane Duwel mobile hairdresser, Scent With Love, Touch of Class, Dolly's Vintage Tearoom, Reno and Paul, Punchbowl, Kielys, Sainsbury and Tesco. Thank you for all great prizes. Come and join us-Friends of Porchester Junior School

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June 26, 2015

Lots of good things happening this week!

Well done everyone:-)


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Porchester Junior School's Summer Fair



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June 17, 2015

Non Uniform day

On Friday 26th June we will be holding a non-uniform day and we ask if you could support the Summer Fair  by donating Raffle prizes, tombola prizes, soft toys etc.  Thank you

If you are able to help on a day or if you would like own stall please leave your phone number at the office.

Thank you Magda Aleksanderek

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June 16, 2015

Making Papyrus

Class 6 have been learning about the Ancient Egyptians. Today we found out how they used the papyrus plant for a variety of different things in their life, the most important being for paper. We have begun making our own papyrus paper in Art.

We have had so much fun this afternoon and enjoyed getting quite messy!


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One man band

Today, Class 6 have begun to think about stories that raise issues or dilemmas. We have discussed what it means to be involved in a dilemma and how we make decisions.

We watched a video clip of 'One Man Band' and thought about the feelings that each character was going through. A super first lesson class 6, well done.


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June 15, 2015

Class 7 Marvellous Maypole dancers

Last week Porchester Junior school was lucky to have some interesting visitors. We had a Maypole and Morris dancer visit us in order to teach us some traditional British dances.



Class 7 had a fabulous time with Maypole dancing. check out our photos to see how great we were at it!




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