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Welcome to Porchester Junior School

Welcome to our Website

  • We provide our pupils with a good standard of education
  • Our pupils set up their own online newspaper
  • We created Kingdom; a groundbreaking, creative, innovative digital project
  • We develop above average extended writing for a variety of audiences
  • We participate in a rich variety of opportunities and visits that increase pupils' experience
  • We value the importance of creativity throughout the whole of the curriculum
  • We engage enthusiastically in a broad range of activities especially music and sport
  • We offer exciting and informative lessons and visitors to enthuse our pupils
  • We produced an innovative Video and VideoGame creative and imaginative project

November 26, 2014

Class 5 Gymnastics

Balances and counter balances




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November 25, 2014

Class 6 cook

In Science we have been learning about states of matter. Today, we thought about how states of matter can change when we cook. We enjoyed making chocolate cornflake cakes and thinking about the changes that heating and cooling certain foods has throughout the process.

We had a lovely afternoon with a very yummy result!



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November 21, 2014

Achievement Assembly

Well done to everyone who received an award


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November 14, 2014

Achievement Assembly

Well done to everyone who received an award


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Maths Work of the Week

Well done G super work on bar charts and Venn diagrams this week.



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November 12, 2014

Class four create their own learning lines

We have created our own learning lines. They help us show how we feel about our learning; how well we understand our learning and how well we are learning new things. Additionally, it helps the children assess their own learning a life long skill. The children have designed their own learning lines have a look at their great designs.


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November 11, 2014

Condensation and evaporation

In Science, Class 6 are looking at the process of condensation and evaporation. Today we are going to be using this website to think about how states of matter change. 



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We Remember


November 10, 2014

Children in Need - Friday 14th November 2014

A letter went home today regarding supporting Children in Need on Friday by making a donation for wearing non uniform.

I apologise I got ahead of myself date wise. It should read: Friday 14th November 2014. Apologies for the confusion. Mrs I :-)

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November 07, 2014

Farewell Mr. Lee

Today we say a sad goodbye to Mr. Lee, our caretaker, who leaves us to start a new job in the city. All staff and children are really sad to see him go, and will miss him greatly as he has been such a valued member of our school team.


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