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April 29, 2016

Role models of the week

Well done everyone.



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Eco club

Members of our eco club harvested our stock of purple sprouting broccoli, Russian kale and chives this morning. Mr Merrill and Mrs Woodfield, our school chefs, expertly turned the vegetables into a delicious pasta dish which was thoroughly enjoyed by all the children.




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April 27, 2016

Creating fraction word problems in maths

This morning my maths group created some amazing fraction word problems on whiteboards.

We took some pictures to remember their questions - can you work out the answers to any of these problems? (Some of these are a one step problem, some are two step)

George asked: "Josh has 25kg of snow in his garden. He uses 1/5 to make a snowman. How much snow has he used?"

Katie asked: "Mrs Parr has 16 cakes. She gives 1/2 to Katie. How many does she have left?". How many rings does she get?"

Molly asked: "Leon has 50 rings and he gives 1/5 to Molly. How How many does she get?"

Owen asked: "Zak had 40 cookies. He had eaten 1/4 of them. How many did he eat?"

EvieT asked: "Freya has 28 lollies. She sells 1/4. How many does she have left?""

Leon asked: "Rosy has 25 puppies. She feeds 1/5 of them. How many were fed?"

Zachary asked: "Zachary has 15 video games. he throws out 1/3 of them. How many does he have left?"

Ellie asked: "Sammi has 20 hats. He sells 1/5 of them. How many does he sell?"

Luke asked: "Brendon has 15 sweets. he gives 1/3 to Cole. How many does he have left?"

...and finally, Fred asked a tricky question: "Tommie has 500 marbles. Tommi sells 1/5. How many marbles does he have left?"

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April 26, 2016

Sports Leaders go to Virgin Active Gym

Today, some of out Sports Leaders took part in some training at Virgin Active Gym. They have been successfully leading a club every Tuesday lunch time and today they had the opportunity to experience new equipment and even had chance to go on several exercise machines. Well done all of you, you all worked extremely hard.  

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April 25, 2016

Year six yoga

Year six are enjoying yoga delivered by the amazing Naomi Smith from YogaBeamz. The children have learnt how to control their breathing, use positive affirmations and a variety of poses.








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April 23, 2016

Well done to our role models of the week



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April 22, 2016

Good work assembly

Well done everyone!


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100% attendance for the Spring Term

Congratulations to everyone with 100% attendance!


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April 21, 2016

Happy Birthday To the Queen

A very talented young man painted a portrait of the Queen


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April 18, 2016

Attendance newsletter, April 2016

Attendance Newsletter, April 2016

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