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Welcome to Porchester Junior School

Welcome to our Website

  • We provide our pupils with a good standard of education
  • We created Kingdom; a groundbreaking, creative, innovative digital project
  • We develop above average extended writing for a variety of audiences
  • We participate in a rich variety of opportunities and visits that increase pupils' experience
  • We value the importance of creativity throughout the whole of the curriculum
  • We engage enthusiastically in a broad range of activities especially music and sport
  • We offer exciting and informative lessons and visitors to enthuse our pupils
  • We produced an innovative Video and VideoGame creative and imaginative project

September 29, 2014

A Day in the Life

Last summer two of our yr6 pupils (Cavan and JoshG) worked on a project to create a wildlife camera using a Raspberry Pi computer. We're now using this camera to let pupils view the wildlife from inside school so as not to disturb the birds and squirrels.

Porchester Wildcam

The computer programme that Cavan and JoshG wrote also takes, and saves, a photograph at a set interval - and we've used these images to create a wonderful timelapse video of a day at the school.

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September 28, 2014

Maths Work of the Week

Well done K, for super work in Maths this week.

IMG_1311 (2)

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September 26, 2014

Class four complete a literacy challenge

Today class four have taken part in a literacy challenge. They were given a setting, character and a problem to solve. In small groups they had to collaboratively work together to create a story map then present their story to the rest of the class.



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Our Bird table seems to be attracting all sorts.

Our Eco Club clearing out our pond.

Slug alert!!!!!


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Achievement Assembly

Congratulations to this weeks achievers;


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Caitlin presents "Underland".

Another week, another lesson learning to modify the computer code to alter how a computer game works. This week Caitlin has been creating a 'superjump' feature in her game, "Underland"

Play 'Underland' full screen

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September 21, 2014

Eco Club

Mr Lee's Eco Club got off to a flying start last Friday.  They began by harvesting the vegetable patch.  What an amazing harvest!


  • Photo 1
  • Photo 3
  • Photo 4
Photo 4


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September 20, 2014

Maths Work of the Week

Well done R, super work on negative numbers this week.


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September 19, 2014

Achievement Assembly

Congratulations to this weeks pupils;


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September 15, 2014

William Morris Sketches

Class 7 have been sketching designs for William Morris inspired wallpaper.

Here are a few lovely examples of our work.


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