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  • Providing pupils with a good standard of education
  • A pupil online newspaper
  • Developing above average extended writing for a variety of audiences
  • Aa rich variety of opportunities and visits that increase pupils' experience
  • Valuing the importance of creativity throughout the whole of the curriculum
  • A broad range of activities especially music and sport
  • Exciting and informative lessons and visitors that enthuse pupils

May 29, 2015

Junk Amnesty

Whilst you're on half term can you all please collect kitchen roll insides, plastic bottles, boxes of all shapes and sizes and any other useful bits you might have lying around at home. Please send them washed and clean to any lower school teacher. We will be using them as part of a Literacy session on the first Tuesday back.

Thank you and enjoy the rest of your half term. :)


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May 24, 2015

Class 7 French

On Friday Class 7 received their first French certificate. Tres bien, bravo Class 7. Mrs Kerr is very proud of you all. :)


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Volcano Eruption at Porchester Junior School!

Over the last half term Class 7 have been undertaking a volcano D & T project.

Last week we finally got to make our volcanoes erupt. Here are some photos and videos of the hard work we all put in. Well done Class 7







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May 22, 2015


Today, Lower School took part in a Tinkering session. This involved the children making and inventing things with a variety of recycled materials such as wood, sticks and bolts to name a few materials. The children were able to let their imaginations run free and create whatever they wanted. It was an amazing opportunity and the children gained invaluable skills from this experience.

Take a look at some of their brilliant and very creative inventions.


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This weeks achievement assembly

Well done to all the children who received an award.


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May 18, 2015

Giving and receiving instructions

Today, Class 6 have started looking at instructions and explanations. They had to work in groups and one person needed to give specific instructions to draw a picture. Whilst having fun and laughing at the results, we discovered how hard it is to give precise instructions to others.

Over the next couple of weeks we are going to learn the skills needed to give and write precise explanations and instructions.



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May 15, 2015

Achievement assembly

Well done to everyone who got a certificate this week.



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May 11, 2015


Well done to our Year 3/4 children who took part in a tennis competition against other schools today. They represented Porchester amazingly well.


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May 09, 2015

A message for year six

Year six, hope you have having a relaxing weekend with some early nights.

SATS begin on Monday, remember we have yoga at 8:10am followed by toast if you would like it.

We are incredibly proud of you all. You have worked so hard and shown great determination, dedication and resilience. It's your turn to "show off" , show everyone what you can do. Your turn to shine.


Go for it year six. We are right beside you :)

Mrs I, Mrs W , Mr S and Miss G. :)


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Beautiful Butterflies in Class 7

On Friday, Class 7 were very lucky to have the artist , Peter Baldry, come into school to work with us.


We created 3D butterflies for the tree, which has been painted in the Old Hall.


Peter taught us how to make sure our butterfly was symmetrical and how to use the colour wheel so that we could use complimentary and contrasting colours.

The results are gorgeous. The butterflies are on display now in the Old Hall.









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