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  • Providing pupils with a good standard of education
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April 24, 2015

Achievement Assembly

Well done to everyone who has achieved a certificate this week.


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Maths Work of the Week

Well done S, fantastic work on Roman Numerals.



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April 23, 2015

Class 7's Fabulous recorder playing and singing


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Mrs Kerr's Guided Reading Group

The second extract we read this week was from 'The Demon Dentist', written by David Walliams. The whole class loved it and we laughed a lot.


If your child is interested in purchasing this book there are many discount book stores on the internet. Alternatively, your child can register at their local library and borrow this book free of charge.


Happy reading everyone :)

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April 21, 2015

Mrs Kerr's Guided Reading Group

In Guided Reading this half term Mrs Kerr's readers will be looking at different authors by reading extracts from lots of different books.


I will be putting the details of these books onto our website incase the children would like to purchase these books or request them from their local library.


Today we have read an extract from ''Outlaw" by Michael Morporgo. Most of the children loved the extract with only 1 person stating that they preferred funny stories to the adventure genre.


Amazon and other internet book shops have this book at very reasonable prices.

Joining any library is free for your child and they can request any book if the library do not stock it.


Happy Reading everyone!

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April 02, 2015

Easter Events

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March 30, 2015

The Galleries of Justice

Today, Class 6 went to the Galleries of Justice to learn about the British justice system. We took part in a mock trial, looked around some prison cells and went on a crime and punishment tour. We had a fantastic day and learnt many new things about the British justice system that we did not know before. 

Well done Class 6, you were brilliant ambassadors of the school. 

Here's a link to The Galleries of Justice site



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March 27, 2015

Achievement assembly

Well done to all the children who got a certificate this week.

Also a big well done to our football team for playing so well in our football league.



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March 26, 2015

RSPCA adverts

Class 6 have been looking at how emotive language is used to try and persuade people to do something. Today we made our own RSPCA adverts using emotive language, here are a few of them.






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Well done to our fantastic football team who won 9-3 against Arnbrook Primary School earlier this week. They all played brilliantly and made Porchester incredibly proud of them.


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