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October 12, 2015


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October 10, 2015

Great work and fabulous attitudes


Well done everyone!


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October 09, 2015

Eon help us explore renewable energy

Eon came to school today, we got the opportunity to explore renewable energy and investigate how we can save energy.

Did you know an old light bulb ( before energy saving ones) gives off 10% light and a staggering 90% heat...

In our teams, we conducted investigations and solved problems, we worked collaboratively to help the professor... Take a look..















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We are in for an exciting day upper school

What a superb way to start a Friday...


Lab coats on....


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October 08, 2015


This week, Class 6 have been learning about algorithms in computing. Before we start to create our algorithms on the laptops we had to think about what we need to do to make this happen.

We learnt that algorithms are the same as creating instructions that need to be followed. To try and get us thinking about how a computer would do this we created a set of instructions in a flow diagram.

Working in pairs, everyone had the challenge to sort a box of smarties into colours. I am so impressed with you all Class 6, brilliant working out. Well done.


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Rock Researchers

Class 7 are busy learning about different types of rocks. They are recording it all on their information sheet.


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October 05, 2015

Breaking News: Pupils discover Prehistoric Cave Art

Class 7 were amazed to discover a collection of prehistoric cave art fragments in class today. They quickly set about cleaning up the stones in order to identify the images on them. What story could the images tell us?

Photo 05-10-2015, 14 34 02
Cleaning up the fragments


Photo 05-10-2015, 14 34 38
Prehistoric people and animals


Photo 05-10-2015, 14 47 57
An animal being hunted with bow and arrow

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October 01, 2015

Mayan achievements

Today, Class 6 learnt about the different achievements and inventions that the Mayan's created. We used a sorting activity to order their achievements according to what we thought was the most important and influential.

It was interesting to see our different ideas and opinions so we discussed our reasonings behind our decisions. The justifications for the decisions were very impressive and had clearly been thought about carefully.

Well done Class 6, I am really impressed with your work today



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September 29, 2015

Mrs I's maths groups problem solving decimals and money

We solved problems....



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