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Audio post help

We have two Audio enhanced services that we use on the school website;

The most recent articles have an 'Odiogo' button that allows the post to be listened to. As newer posts are added, older posts lose their Odiogo audio.

Older posts and pages use a webreader to produce an audio version of the text on the page. The webreader also converts comments within a post or page into an audio feed.

Below are some questions about the Odiogo service we offer.

What is Odiogo?

Odiogo is a service we use that takes the words we write in our articles, and created a computerised spoken feed that can be listened to.

What is a Podiocast?
This is the term used to refer to high-fidelity Odiogo-generated podcasts (as opposed to the human-generated kind).

What is the difference between a Podiocast and a Podcast?
Odiogo automatically generates podiocasts from textual content structured in RSS feeds. The end-result is a high-fidelity computer-generated voice file.

What are the benefits of Odiogo for a visitor the website?
Odiogo allows visitors to listen to content either on their PCs or on portable devices such as iPods, MP3 players or cellular phones.

How do you listen to the Odiogo enabled RSS feeds?
The straightforward way to subscribe to Odiogo enable feeds is through programs such as Apple iTunes or other podcast receiver. These programs will manage the whole podcast process including the download of new articles, removal of old files and synchronization to your device. You can also listen the files on your PC either through these programs or through voice-supporting RSS readers. Personalized homepage RSS readers can also play the audio files generated by Odiogo.

Is Odiogo Compatible with Apple iPod?
Yes, Odiogo is compatible with all generations of Apple iPod. Podcasts are managed automatically by the iTunes software. Please make sure you are using the latest version of the iTunes software.

How do I transfer the audio files produced by Odiogo to my iPod?
For iTunes', subscribe to the Podcast option. It automatically downloads new articles and uploads them to your iPod. It also takes care of the removal of old articles from your iPod to optimize use of your device's memory. A similar option exists in Juice (see below).

How can I subscribe to an Odiogo processed feed?
Try to simply click on this link, or on the "listen now" button that appears next to an article. Your computer should open iTunes and subscribe you to the podcast. If this does not work, proceed as follows:

   1. Copy the link above (Right-click on the link and select Copy Shortcut)
   2. Run iTunes. If you don't have iTunes, click here to download it
   3. Click menu Advanced, select Subscribe to Podcast
   4. Paste (Ctrl-V) the link

To get the most updated news items, ensure that the following settings are in the Podcasts tab of the Preferences menu (menu Edit, Preferences).

How do I subscribe to a Podcast with Juice?

   1. Copy this link
   2. Run Juice. If you don't have Juice, click here to download it
   3. Click on the Add Feed button
   4. Paste (Ctrl-V) the link

Do I have to use iTunes or Juice?
No. You can use this link with any program that will allow you to listen to a podcast.

Do I have to listen to the entire article?
No. You can fast-forward or go to the next article at any time.

Does Odiogo cost money to the visitor?
No. Odiogo and the affiliated Content Provider are compensated by sponsorship and advertising.

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