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Mrs. Watt's Writing Group Feed

February 7, 2017: Gifted and Talented
I gave the Gifted and Talented group a challenge, they were separated into two equal groups and then had a short brief to show the history of Porchester Junior School. Both groups decided to use the iPads to make movies, but went about recording their research in different ways. Each group then presented their findings to the whole school during an assembly. I am very proud of all of you for the work you put in, well done! Please find the two movies below and keep an eye out for their next project, Dream Poems!

June 23, 2014: Apprentice Results
A big thank you to everyone who purchased either a chocollow or a milkshake. Both groups sold all their products. It was very close but the team who made the most profit was the Milkshake Shakers! CONGRATULATIONS! Well done to the The Chocollows who also had a great product. The Milkshake Shakers represented Porchester School at the apprentice morning held at Porchester, where there were five other schools. All the schools had great products that would sell at a summer fair. We all enjoyed the morning and I have definitely seen some entrepreneurs for the future!

June 10, 2014: Apprentice Time Again!
The gifted and talented group have been working hard designing a product that would sell at a summer fair. Group 1: The Chocollows, who are Kris, Sophie, Evie, Jake, Louis and Cavan, came up with the idea of selling marshmellows dipped in chocolate covered in popping candy and hundreds of thousands on a stick. Very simple and low cost but also effective and delicious! Group 2: The Milshake Shakers, who are Mason, Keiran, Frances, Emme and McKenzie, wanted to make milkshakes with a twist! Chocolate and strawberry flavours with ice cream all whizzed together and topped with chunky chocolate and strawberry crystals. Again another simple but amazing idea! The two groups went head to head and sold their products on Tuesday break. The winning group will represent Porchester when we go to the family of schools apprentice morning next week. Well done to both groups you all worked very hard making posters, adverts and writing pitches which you showed to the whole school during assembly. Also a big thank you to Mr Widdowson for helping film the adverts and to Mrs Brodsky and Mrs Stone for helping, by lending us cups and jugs from the kitchen and also washing them all! Good luck to both teams!

November 5, 2013: Bonfire Night Work
Mrs. Watts has been working with a group of children who have been creating Bonfire Night related posters. Created by Kieran; Download FIREEWORK SAFETY Created by Louis; Download Firework leaflet Created by Kris;

July 17, 2013: Talented Authors at Porchester
The Gifted and Talented group have been busy writing their own books! Their task was to think of a genre,age group, plan, write, design a front cover and to write the 'blurb' for the back cover. The group have done some amazing work and the books are now ready to read in the library. Well done to the whole group for their hard work!

November 21, 2012: Porchesters Apprentice
The GandT group have been working hard on an apprentice project. The group was split into two groups and given the task to design a Christmas themed gift. The groups firstly named themselves. The Funky Fruit Cakes decided to make delicious Snowflake fudge, whilst Santa's Little Helpers made mouth watering Christmas Ginger Dream Biscuits. They were given the challenge to make an advert to persuade their customers to choose which gift they would prefer to buy. Please take a look below at their fantastic adverts.

May 22, 2012: Year 5 Poem Competition!
Calling all year fives! We are holding a poem or jingle competition about your favourite thing! It could be about your favourite food, video game, piece of clothing ect. Just write your poem and on the back write your name and class and give it to your teacher! There will be a prize for 1st, 2nd & 3rd position. Our example is below: Chocolate Cake Chocolate cake is really yummy, Really yummy, In my tummy. This great food, Gets me in the mood to… EAT SOME MORE! The closing date is Monday 18th June. PLEASE ENTER!

March 7, 2012: Mrs Watts's Writing Group, Your Next Challenge!
Mrs Watts Writing Group, For the rest of this term you have a fantastic task! We all know that all children love doing homework! Your next task is to create homework challenges for the rest of the school. This could be poems, story writing, instructional writing or newspaper articles, whatever you wish. Firstly you have to write a piece of writing yourself, to inspire your peers to get thinking! Maybe you can create the beginning to a story or write a newspaper article to demonstrate how it could be written? You will be split into two groups: upper and lower school. So, Cavan, William and Frances will set homework for lower school. Emily, Nathan, Laura, Shireena, Eve, Olivia and Lily will set homework for upper school. Next Tuesday we will get together straight after registration where I would like you to have thought about this task and have come up with some great ideas! Good Luck! Mrs Watts

February 27, 2012: Travel Back and Rhyme
The gifted and talented writing group had a massive challenge. They all had to investigate a period of history of their choice and write a poem about it. Well done to all of you, you each wrote some fantastic pieces of poetry.

March 3, 2010: Miss Beresford's Writing Group
I have been searching the school for children who really enjoy writing and I have set up a group in which the children will have writing tasks to complete. The children's first task is to write a story about a superhero who has special powers. I will be posting each story on the website and I would appreciate your comments, as I will be picking my favourite one to take through to a local competition. All stories need to be handed to me by Monday 8th Click on these stories below and tell me what you think...! Download Emma_w_superhero Download Catie's story Download Alex's Story Download Mathilda's Story Download Emily's Story Download Laura's story Download Kamiera's Story Download Robyn's Story (part 1) Download Robyn's Story (part 2) Thank you very much for all your stories - remember, read and comment on the ones you like! I will announce on the website the winning story at the and of this week! Miss Beresford

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