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ICT & Computing Feed

October 16, 2018: Evie's Greek Quiz
Here's an amazing piece of PurpleMash homework from Evie (class1) linked to her Greek topic work. Can you answer all the questions correctly? Click here to play it.

January 19, 2018: Invasion!
After preparing their shields earlier in the week, the Roman soldiers in classes 1, 3 and 7 met in the hall on Thursday for their final instructions before they then marched off towards the Barbarian Celtic tribes in classes 4, 5 and 6. When attack horns were blown, the children stormed into the tribal areas, removed the local Chieftan, and forced the Celts to become Roman. Once the locals had agreed to a new way of life, the soldiers withdrew and began to write diaries recording their magnificent victory. Here are just two of the diaries from some of the Roman soldiers.

October 24, 2017: Maya's Stone Age Maze Game
Maya has been helping to test a new version of a maze creator* within PurpleMash, and she has designed a brilliant game based on our topic. Try out her Stone Age maze game and see if you can collect all the shells... Click here to play *there may be some bugs that are still being ironed out.

July 19, 2017: Photo Stories
We've been making photo stories using Comic Life on the iPads. The children had to plan a story, take photos for it, and then make a comic to tell the story. They chose a template that made their photos look like hand drawn images, and here are two of the creations completed so far;

March 17, 2017: Fit for a Royal
Our after school Minecraft creativity club completed their latest task this week. They've been busy designing and then building a well known sight... They have done magnificently. With this completed, they are now returning to a previous building - their cinema - and finishing off the inside of it.

January 29, 2017: 2DIY Mountains Quiz
At home, Jacob created a brilliant online 2DIY quiz based on the geography work we have been studying in class. How well do you know your mountains of the world?

Your browser does not support iframes.

November 21, 2016: The TARDIS
Our after school STEAM club have completed their first project - a 3D printed version of the Doctor's TARDIS.

October 30, 2016: Try a Victorian Quiz
What a pleasant surprise to discover that during the half term Jake created his own Victorian quiz using 2DIY in PurpleMash. Can you get all the answers to his questions right?

Your browser does not support iframes.

Fantastic work Jake. Well done!

October 17, 2016: Shapes in Scratch
Wow - what an amazing class of programmers are in class 7. Today they were challenged to create a programme that would let them move a character around the screen, and then draw a shape when they pressed specific keys. They all worked really hard and learnt lots of new skills. This was the screen of instructions that Roxy and Omari finished up with.

October 4, 2016: Programming Success
Class7 completed their programming unit of work today and were given a challenge to use 'Logo' to make a complicated shape by typing just one word. After a lot of thinking about forward, backward, left, right and "procedures" they began to solve the challenge. Congratulations to Sarah and Carly who were the first group to successfully create the shape using a "procedure" they called 'box'.

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