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History Feed

January 30, 2019: Researching Victorian Inventors
This week the children in class7 have been finding out about the people who created some of the great Victorian inventions. They studied Rowland Hill, Isambard Kingdom Brunel, Thomas Edison, Thomas Twyford, Alexander Graham Bell, and James Starley. Here are two examples of the research discoveries made by the groups of children;

January 7, 2019: Discussing events in the Victorian Times
This afternoon, as part of our new topic, we were looking at a range of events from the reign of Queen Victoria. After sorting all the events into a correct timeline, the class held a debate about which they thought were the three most important events of the Victorian age. After lots of discussion they decided on four events*, and then reduced it to these three; The police force was chosen because it helped keep people safe from crime. Electric lighting was chosen because it made dark areas lighter and safer to visit. The Education Act because it meant that children did not have to work, and could instead go to school and learn important information to help them become knowledgeable. *The fourth event was the building of the Houses of Parliament. In the end the class decided that the building wasn't critical, as laws and rules could still be made in other buildings if necessary.

October 8, 2018: Mummifying TutAnkh"Tom"un
Year 3 and 4 spent part of this afternoon learning how the Ancient Egyptians mummified their Pharaoh's. We mummified TutAnkhTomun (or Pharaoh 'Tom') in groups, learning about how the body had to be cleansed, then emptied into Canopic Jars, and then cleansed again before salt was packed around the body and it was left for forty days. Janiah, in class 7 said "It was a little bit gross", but Noah added "It was fun".

October 8, 2018: Trojan Horses
Last week we learnt all about the Trojan War and why we should ‘Beware Of Greeks bearing gifts,’ We worked in teams to create our own Trojan Horses which had to: hold 20 soldiers (Lego figures) move have a way for the soldiers to escape in the night not look like a box of soldiers! I think you can agree the children all met their success criteria and did really well to say they only had one day!

March 13, 2018: Archeology
Today we discovered some Viking artefacts (thank you Mr Widdowson and your amazing 3D printer) and used spoons no brushes to delicately uncover these riches. We then had to use the books, iPads and laptops to find out what we had uncovered. We then presented our findings to the rest of the class. True historians in actions!

February 12, 2018: Living Like A Roman
Class 7 had a great time on Friday when we had a whole day learning about what it would be like to be Roman. The children learnt how to march like Roman soldiers, how to carry shields in the famous "testudo" formation, tried Roman foods (the fish sauce was an acquired taste), played Roman games, learnt about some Roman objects and finally dressed like a Roman. Thank you to Partake. It was a brilliant day.

February 7, 2018: Mouthwatering Menus
Did you know that the Romans brought apples and pears to Britain, as well as many other foods that we still eat? Class 7 have been creating menus using foods available in Roman times. How about a piece of Bay leafed stuffed salmon? Maybe they could tempt you with some beef stuffed with coriander seeds, fennel seeds, pine kernels and herbs? Or perhaps you're feeling brave enough to try 'fish custard'?

February 5, 2018: Clock Watching
We've been looking at aspects of Roman Life that still influence us today, and realised that the numerals we see on some clocks are Roman Numerals, so we decided to make our own Roman Numeral clock faces.

January 26, 2018: Roman Reporting
Class 7 have been researching Boudicca this week, and produced some fantastic newspaper reports all about her rebellion against The Roman army. The language used throughout their writing has been exceptional.

September 30, 2017: Cave Art Investigation
This week in Class7 we have looked at Stone Age cave art. When we looked at this picture we noticed that the animal drawn seemed to have extra legs. We wondered why it seemed to be drawn with seven legs, and wondered if a recent scientific idea that the flickering flames in a cave would have made shadows covering some legs, creating an animated running animal. Using a MoverKit (that can be programmed to look like flickering firelight) we tried it out. We added some "eyebrows" to the MoverKit to create some shadows on the painting and then looked at the result. Did Stone Age people create animated cave art? We investigated... pic.twitter.com/xkT1bGSwAI — Porchester Junior (@porchester) September 30, 2017 The class were split. Some of them thought they saw movement, some said they couldn't see any movement. What do you see?

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