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Welcome to Porchester Junior School. Part of the Flying High Partnership.

Governor Awards

Each term our Governors present awards to a pupil from each class who has made a fantastic contribution to the school.

Autumn 14

Lana Gul

Liam Mather

Sienna Spencer

Callum Baker

Rhys Courtney

Hannah Meakin


Spring 15

Emme Khalid

Savannah Evans

Kai Chambers Shaw

Isabelle Snarr

Amy Zacharia

Adam Celik


Summer 15

Isabelle Gregory

Gracie Sidwell

Poppy Musson

Riley Casement

James Holt

Josh Duwel


Autumn 2015

Jessica Best

Leah Stoddart

Sukhveer Landa

Daisy Harding

Amelia Yates

Alexandra White


Spring 2016

Luke Aloysius

Mason Moore

Dylan Webster

May Rook

Grace Harwood

Sam Bailey


Summer 2016

Rebecca Smith

Zeeshan Majid

Noah Alderson

Havannah Eaton

Matthew Lowe

Isaac Ahearne


Autumn 2016

Emily Holder

Liam Miller

Sienna Spencer

Amy Harper

Daniel Zacharia 

Isabelle Bedford


Spring 2017

Evie Elouardi

Lillie Downes

Alfie Lord

Zoe Topham

Julie Alexsanderek

Savannah Moore


Summer 2017

Hermione Evans

Cerys Osborne

Lewis Green


Sarah Matkowska

Zak Ireland


Autumn 2017

Isla Percy

Sophie Goodhead

Amelia Khalid

Laura Hopewell

Mille Fletcher

Freya White

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