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Geography Feed

April 20, 2018: River Features Relay
Class 3 started the day by combining their teamwork skills with their geographical knowledge, in a race to see which team could draw, label and define different features of a river the fastest!

January 29, 2017: 2DIY Mountains Quiz
At home, Jacob created a brilliant online 2DIY quiz based on the geography work we have been studying in class. How well do you know your mountains of the world?

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July 21, 2015: Une excellente journée du français au Porchester
We held French day on the 20th July. The children were able to sample traditional French activities throughout the day. The activities included a game of Pétanque, Cubist art inspired by Fernand Leger, learning and singing the French song 'Savez vous planter les choux', asking for sandwich ingredients in French, creating their version of the Eiffel Tower and learning traditional French dances. Here are a few videos and photos from the day. Thank you to our PTA for helping towards funding this fabulous day. Class 3 from Porchester Class 7 on Vimeo. Class 6 French Traditional Dancing from Porchester Class 7 on Vimeo. Class 6 French Folk Dancing from Porchester Class 7 on Vimeo. Posted with Blogsy

May 24, 2015: Volcano Eruption at Porchester Junior School!
Over the last half term Class 7 have been undertaking a volcano D & T project. Last week we finally got to make our volcanoes erupt. Here are some photos and videos of the hard work we all put in. Well done Class 7 Class 7 Volcanoes from Porchester Class 7 on Vimeo. Class 7 Volcanoes Vid 2 from Porchester Class 7 on Vimeo. Posted with Blogsy

March 22, 2015: A Once in a Lifetime Experience
Porchester Junior Shool joined many other people around the world in experiencing the eclipse. We got together in the hall and watched Eclipse Live, then went to experience the eclipse for ourselves. Outside was quite eery and the birds stopped singing as it became darker and cooler. Check out our photos of how we were experiencing today's eclipse. Posted with Blogsy

February 13, 2015: The carnival comes to class four
This term we have looking at Brazil. We have looked at carnivals and festivals, the children have designed their own carnivals masks today so we couldn't resist having a little carnival in the classroom. Well done class four. Class Four Carnival from Porchester Junior on Vimeo. Posted with Blogsy

February 4, 2015: An unexpected visitor to class four
We have been exploring the animals that live in the rainforest, Many of the children researched the different snakes that live in the rainforest. Today we had an expert talk about corn snakes. B brought his corn snake in to school. B was a superb expert and shared his knowledge and expertise with the class. Corn Snakes are a small sized colubrid snake native to Central and the South-East of North America. They have been popular in the pet trade for many years and are a great beginner's snake for those new to snake keeping. Corn Snakes come in a variety of colours and patterns (morphs) and are a very attractive and docile species of snake. Posted with Blogsy

September 12, 2014: Class four create an Anglo Saxon settlement
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January 21, 2014: Porchester litter patrol
Children at Porchester are starting to take responsibility for their own litter and to support this we have our own litter patrol. The children who volunteer for this responsibility are equipped with litter pickers and a hi-vis jacket. Well done to those involved for having such a positive attitude towards addressing this problem.

September 6, 2013: Class four have been looking at artefacts from World War II
We have had a very busy and exciting start to the term. We have done lots of " getting to know each other" activities. We have complied a class four contract and we have started to decorate our classroom. This term our Literacy and Topic work are linked to World War II. We have started to read Carrie's War, a lovely novel about two children who are evacuated during the war. My personal highlight of the week was J. J shared his phenomenal knowledge and his families war memorabilia which included deactivated shells, medals, books and part of an army uniform. For me this was a super start to our topic, I cannot wait to start it properly next week. A superb week class four well done. Posted with Blogsy

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