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September 06, 2008

Alone on a Wide Wide Sea Review By Lizzie

This review is on Alone on a Wide Wide Sea by Michael Morpurgo. The characters are Arthur, the main character, Marty, Arthur's brotherly best friend, Aunty Megs, Allie and Kitty. This is a two part book.

The story begins being told by six year old Arthur, on a ship full of orphaned children, being shipped of to Australia. Arthur had been seperated from his older sister, Kitty, who was being shipped of to Canada with other children. On the ship, Arthur becomes friends with ten year old Marty. When they arrived in Australia, the children were driven to a working farm, where they were almost worked to death. After around four years, Arthur and Marty make a dash for freedom and run away from the mean, cruel farmer, Mr Bacon. Whilst on the run with the farmers horse, Big Black Jack, they are discovered by an Australian Tribe and are taken to live with Aunty Megs, who owns an orphaned animal sanctury. Aunty Megs looked after the boys until they got to around the age of fourteen and sixteen, when she sent them out to work. The boys got jobs at a boat yard, living in one of the ship's cabins. Years later, the boat company began to go down hill and the boy's wages became less and less. Marty began to get depressed over this and started drinking. One night, he had had to much to drink and started jumping from boat to boat. Suddenly, he fell in, and was unable to get back up again, and unfortunately died in hospital. Eventually, the company got closed down and Arthur went back to live with Aunty Megs. She was getting very old by then and soon after she died to. Then Arthur was left homeless, so he set out to work again. At one point, Arthur had to go into hospital, and fell in love with on of the nurses, Zeeta. In the end of part one, Arthur and Zeeta got married and had a beautiful baby daughter, Allie.

Part two begins when Allie was at about the age of 16, and her and her father had made huge plans to sail to England to find Arthur's long lost sister, Kitty Hobhouse. Near to the begining of the journey, Arthur dies and Kitty is left to make the journey on her own. Half way through the journey, Allie has to quit the journey and end it somewhere else as herself and the ship were battered. When she ended the journey, she was met by her family and also a new member, her Aunty Kitty! The rest of her family had found her on a website and had given her a call and met up with her as an amazing suprise for her welcome home party!

I absoluteley adored this book and could read it again and again and again!

By Lizzie, Class 4, Year Six


Comments we have received about this article;

that sounds good,
its upseting when his friend dies

good job lizzie !

nice job lizzy


Thank yoo sooooo much for your fabby dabby comments-safe,Owen!

Lizzie that sounds amazing can i borow it

thanks for that

Luv evie to

great story !

Your comments are really sweet and I promise I will post more book reveiws soon! Megan B, it actually belongs to Megan and Eve so ask them to borrow it - wait, I have still got it so I'm sure they will let you borrow it when my sister is done reading it!

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