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Class 3 2019-2020

Roman Life. An afternoon of mosaic making, food testing and roman numeral code cracking with Miss Jackson.

Volcanic eruption!

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Volcanoes! Class 3 were given cross section images of volcanoes and a box of resources, and were tasked with constructing model volcanoes with all the correct parts. Of course, we couldn't build volcanoes without erupting them too!

Stone Age Artwork. We analysed cave paintings, learnt how to mix different shades of brown and experimented with different materials, such as charcoal, chalk and paint, before producing our final pieces.

History hunters! Class 3 spent the afternoon digging for Stone Age artefacts and using the iPads and topic books as secondary sources of evidence to research life in the Stone Age.

Stone Age WOW! Flame grilled mammoth meat and chalk cave art!