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Our Porchester Curriculum

Our school curriculum at Porchester Junior School


Our Porchester Curriculum is broad and balanced, rich and varied, and offers our pupils a learning journey that ensures they develop the knowledge, skills, experiences, attitudes and beliefs to become confident and passionate future citizens of the world.

Skills ~ Experiences ~ Attitudes ~ Beliefs


We will create a learning environment at PJS with a culture of curiosity, innovation and continuous improvement.



Our curriculum is all of the learning experiences that we offer our children during their time at our school to develop and achieve both their academic potential and become responsible and respectful citizens.

Our enquiry curriculum is carefully designed to be driven by History, Geography and Science and to be relevant and interesting to our children. Learning is supported by class visits and visitors into school. The local context is included in learning wherever possible. Learning culminates in an authentic outcome to answer to termly overarching enquiry question.

Our curriculum is coherent to ensure clear progression of a deep body of knowledge with clear links between subjects and between year groups and phases of the school. Subject leaders have a clear vision for their subject that ensures this progression and coherence. Core learning and knowledge is identified and teachers ensure that children process this into their long term memories.

Reading is at the heart of our curriculum and we promote reading across school through our ‘100 Must Reads’, online virtual library, in-school library and through high quality texts that help drive and develop learning in our termly enquiries.

Life experiences and cultural capital are developed as part of our curriculum as we ensure that children have the opportunities to meet a variety of visitors to school; take part in educational visits; experience residential visits; develop interests and talents in art, music, writing, Maths, STEAM and sport.

Parents, families of Porchester and the local community are a key part of our Porchester curriculum. We ensure that parents and families are partners in their children’s learning and communicate regularly in person and via the Class Dojo app. We support parents to promote learning out of school. Our curriculum makes links to the local community and Nottinghamshire wherever possible, for example through remembrance and the World Wars; Victorian legacies; significant local people such as Jesse Boot and also the River Trent.


We want our Porchester curriculum to be engaging, stimulating, relevant and inspiring. We aim to ensure our curriculum meets the needs of our learners and enthuses them to have a love of learning.


Our children bring to our curriculum:

  • Varied life experiences and cultural capital
  • Positive behaviour and attitudes, including support from parents
  • Kind, caring, respectful attitudes towards each other and towards adults


Our children need from our curriculum:

  • Learning independence and resilience
  • Responsibilities and opportunities for pupil leadership
  • Age-appropriate life skills to develop confidence and independence
  • Opportunities to develop further talents and interests
  • Challenges that promote deep learning and also future aspirations



Our vision is that we will be the Pride of Porchester now and always. Values and knowledge are the keys to our success.

Respect: to be respectful of themselves and other pupils and adults within our school. To respect the school environment. To listen to others and respect their opinions.

Responsibility: to be responsible for their own learning and their positive behaviour for learning. To be responsible for helping to lead our school forward. To be responsible for challenging themselves to be the best they can be.

Rights: to make the most of their right to learn and access the Porchester curriculum. To understand their right to express their thoughts and opinions. The right to think and believe what they choose. The right to relax, play and take part in a wide range of activities.

Reach: to challenge themselves to reach for the stars. To accept challenge and respond positively. To develop aspirations for their futures. To ensure they leave ready for lifelong learning.

Lead: to lead school improvement and be active in making learning, experiences, relationships, attitudes and behaviour better at our school.