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Home Learning

Here you will find all the information you need to know about learning at home!


Whilst school is closed, we are using Class DoJo to set all of your work. Please share your learning on DoJo for each activity you complete. You may want to write a message with what you have done or send photos. However you want to do this is up to you.


Reading, Writing & Maths 

The 'Practice' activities are tasks we would like you to complete everyday (even if it is 5-10 minutes).

The 'Learn' activities are for you to complete. They have to be completed in order, however when you do them is up to you. You may want to do 3 activities in a day or one activity per day, as long as they are all completed by the end of the week. These tasks shouldn’t take long - it may be listening to a story, watching a video or completing a quiz.

The 'Explore' activities are for you to apply your learning skills further through an additional activity. You need to have done all the ‘Learn’ activities before completing the explore activities.

Enquiry Learning
Our Enquiry focus for the two weeks is Nottingham and our question is ‘What is special about Nottingham?’

We have planned 10 activities for you to complete over the two weeks. You may choose to complete the activities in any order that you like (other than the Geography, which needs to be done in order of 1,2 and 3). We would like you to make sure that you complete all of the activities that are highlighted in blue.

We hope that you like the enquiry learning and choose to complete all of the activities but aim to complete at least the ones in blue.

Have fun! We can’t wait to see your amazing work.


Take care, Mr Betts

Online Learning


Purple Mash - Reading

Every day, you will be set a new chapter and set of comprehension questions to answer. When you log in, you will need to access your 2Dos (top left of screen):


Click 'start' to begin working on a 2Do. Once you complete a task, you will need to save it and return to the 2Dos list and click 'hand in'. I will then be able to see the work and comment on it. You might get a task set to 'redo' if you need to have another go, edit your work or complete a challenge! (Think of it like purple pen for your online work!) 


Spelling Shed - Spelling

When you log in, you will see that you have been set a new word list each week. This will allow you to continue learning new spelling rules at home. Play the games to practise your new spellings.


Times Table Rockstars - Maths

Select 'Garage' or 'Arena' mode to access times tables selected for you by your teacher. Times tables battles within classes have also been set up by your Maths teachers - this way you can work in teams to earn points! And don't forget to challenge me or any of the teachers on the Rock Slam!



David Walliams is reading one of his World's Worst Children stories every day...

Check it out on his website...


Check out a new Maths online resource: Numbots. It's linked to TT Rockstar and you use your same username and password details...

Whilst we are unable to teach you face to face, I'll be around between 9 -10am and 2 - 3pm to answer any emails that you send to and any comments you post on Class Dojo. 

Mr Betts