Looking at photo 71 I believe it is the chess club from the late 1960s, run by Mr.Gillam who is sitting in the middle wearing glasses. One technique he used was to play the entire club individually by going from desk to desk to make one move at a time. On another note, as a teacher I remember one of his favourite modes of punishment was to slap the calves of offenders at a very fast rate! My word it used to sting...not sure that it had the desired effect with regard to my education however!
In photo 80 we can see Miss Milner, at the school in 1940, she was still there in the mid to late 1960s when I attended.

I recognise my dad Mr Randall, in the photo on the school bus trip (photo partially damaged), unfortunately I cant find a reference number for it. Looks like a trip to Bradgate Park judging from the following photo, but I could be mistaken. There is also a photo of a female teacher watching a puppet show which could be Mrs Randall/Miss Poyner depending on the date it was taken. Hope that helps.

Kind regards

Kirsty Hill (Randall)

Ref photo 033. Circa around 1969 - i am sitting in the middle behind the chess board. I played at the number one board for the school and also for the Notts Schools county team. I can remember some names of others in the team: Steve Armstrong is holding the cup, and next to him, wearing blue is, Michael Stapleton. I think that the lad sitting to my left is Dean Simmonds and standing behind him is somebody 'Dawson'. Our teacher - our chess mentor - was Tony Gillam. In my eyes an absolute legend who taught us to the very highest levels, to the extent that i fondly remember as a Junior School going to Nottm High School, and wiping the smiles off the faces of their team who we beat!They thought they would wallop the lads from the little Junior School, clad in short trousers! Great days. If it were possible, and provided they are still with us of course, i would welcome very much an opportunity to meet with the chaps on the photo, and particularly, Tony Gillam
With very warm regards, Paul Johnson

we think that the photos are very interesting and greatxxx

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