Went to Porchester Juniors from Sept 1980 to Sept 1984 along with Martin Stoker, Ian Marshall (his mum was a no-nonsense dinner lady there), Jason Appleton, Simon Thompson, Kev Taylor and loads of other top people. Teachers I remember are: Mr Randall (who can forget his beard?), Mr Atkins, Mrs Ansell, and Miss Selleck. I remember when the school got its first computer - a BBC Model B and Miss Selleck struggling to type a " character! She thought you had to press Caps and 2 at exactly the same time!! Good times and good memories!

I had a good time at Porchester Junior School. I loved Mr Randall, he used to take our class for reading. Mr Atkins was a good gymnastics teacher. I seem to think I had Mrs Ansell for 2 years, in the summer we used to have "sewing" or "reading" so she could watch Wimbledon. Imagine that happening now. Those were the days, no videos or DVDs, we would all sit and wait for Picture Box to start on the TV that had been wheeled in or the Way we Used to Live - loved that one. Friends I remember Ruth Soggy Morris, Jonathan Jarvis, Antony Fiddes, Carl Parker, Paul Brown, Paul Dutton, Tracey Connell to name a few. Happy days

Sure am sad I missed the centenary celebration.i remember paul daykin and lisa elliott and denise elliott her sister.ruth soggy morris lisa gell gary taylor carl waldron paul dutton mark wood phil colborn.great school with great teachers....mrs ansell mr atkins miss ball miss jones.....o and getting the slipper from mr dawson for fighting with antonio garafalo.great times msg me on fb...jonathan a fleet manager now for royal mail

Was there from 1977-1981. Very happy memories from the school. I had Mr Randall for first 2 years, then Miss Jones for the last 2. Other teachers I remember we're Miss Selleck, Miss Ball (there were 2), Mrs Ansell and the legend Mr Atkins. Who can can recall Mr Wilkinson. I do remember some scary Dinner Ladies. One being "Dosky". Didn't get to know about the reunion otherwise would have been there. Let us know if anymore in the pipeline

Hi! I was at Porchester junior school 1976 onwards. My best. mate was Lisa Elliott. I played with Dawn Hollingsworh and Peter Ellis. I first learnt Gymnastic at that school which i loved. Carried it on at my other schools after that. I can still do my backflips wow. Melanie Nangle

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