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Class 5

Welcome to Class 5

A wonderful child-friendly book which explains more about Coronavirus...

Design and Technology: making Viking longboats..

An inspirational Class 5!

Hello everyone, Unfortunately there is a very high demand for PurpleMash and Rockstars as children across the country are all trying to access both services at the same time. This has meant that at times PurpleMash and Rockstars become unavailable and you will receive error messages.


Until this is sorted out, it might be best to work on tasks in your project pack you received.

If you choose an element of our Viking topic, you could create a double page spread (with information and pictures) or any topic of your choice! Please send a photo to at the end of the day with the work you’ve done so far. Thank you, Mrs Wright.

Welcome to Class 5!


Your teacher will very soon be filling this page with exciting class news, pictures of things we’ve done and more.


Do you have any ideas for this page? Why not let your Teacher know!

Welcome to Class 5!


Whilst we are unable to teach you face to face, we'll be letting you know about the work we have asked you to undertake here. Check daily to see what your latest tasks are.


I'll also be around between 2.30-3.15 to answer any emails that you send to


- Mrs Wright



Monday 23rd March:



Log into PurpleMash where you'll find Chapter One of a story waiting for you to read it. There's also a quiz based on the chapter, and a related writing task to complete.

Don't forget to read your own reading books too!



Log in to Spelling Shed to practice your spellings.



Log into PurpleMash and check the 2Do list for your latest Grammar task.



Log in to Times Table Rockstars and keep improving your tables. Also, check to see if you have a 'battle' set up.



Log into PurpleMash and look for the Vikings. There is an exciting writing task set for each day for you to complete.