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Pirate Adventure - a class 1 comic


Well done to Sadie, in class 1. She is the first pupil in lower school to complete their pirate comic tale. During this work the children have been learning how to drag and drop images from one location to another, how to group images together, how to save images from one program to use in another, how to use several keyboard short cuts, and how to use the Comic Life software. Wow! So many things to learn - and so many new skills to use in other lessons when using ICT. I'm looking forwards to more comics from other classes over the next few weeks.

The Nativity Comic


Nathan and Lauren have been telling the story of the Nativity as a comic using Comic Life. We've also included the 2-page stories from Zunaira and Bethany, Harry and Dylan, George and Cavan.

Photo Stories

Photo 19-07-2017  15 28 48

We've been making photo stories using Comic Life on the iPads. The children had to plan a story, take photos for it, and then make a comic to tell the story. They chose a template that made their photos look like hand drawn images, and here are two of the creations completed so far;

People Living in Urban Slums

Focus on Urban Slums | Red Nose Day 2011

Every day across Africa, thousands of people desperate to escape poverty in rural areas move to the city hoping to find a job. Life is often even tougher when they get there. Without the means to pay city rents, most are forced to live in already overcrowded slums, which lack even the most basic services. Imagine, if 25 pupils from Porchester each donated just £1... Through Comic Relief, your donations could work to help those in urban slums improve their living environment. It can pay for changes like access to clean water, toilets and basic health care. It means better living conditions and often the legal right to occupy the land – so families can build their own house instead of living in a tin shack. Please help make a difference, and make a donation to Red Nose Day here.

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