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Comic Life Myths


Today in literacy class 6 used Comic Life to retell the Myth of 'Theseus and the Minotaur'. For the Year3 pupils it was the first time they had used Comic Life, and they did brilliantly as they worked with Year4. Here are three examples of how we turned a story into a comic... Well done to everyone. We'll be using Comic Life again to tell more tales...

Digital Discoveries, Comic Life style!


Class 4 have been busy creating Comics to show how their Digital Discoveries missions in ICT have gone. They worked really hard today in the ICT suite using Comic Life for the first time, and produced some great work. Here are three examples of their Digital Discoveries comics; Download Maizie_owen_dd Download Alex_dd Download William_cassie_dd Well done to everyone - your ICT skills are getting better and better. I was really impressed.

Anti Bullying Comic Life PhotoStories


Class 6 have been thinking about how bullying affects children. In our literacy lesson today we thought of two different examples of bullying - one inside and one outside - and asked some of the children to act out how the bullying happened, and what happened next. We made freeze frame scenes, and took some photos that we then used 'Comic Life' on the iPads to make a simple photostory. Well done class for thinking about how a bully makes someone else feel, and especially how we can help someone who is being bullied.

Instructions, comic style!

Today we tried writing instructions in a slightly different way - as a comic! We used Comic Life, and some pictures we had taken in the classroom, then created our own comics. Download Cassie_box Download Emily_box Download Bethany_box Download Dylanr_box Don't they look brilliant!

Pirate Adventure - a class 1 comic


Well done to Sadie, in class 1. She is the first pupil in lower school to complete their pirate comic tale. During this work the children have been learning how to drag and drop images from one location to another, how to group images together, how to save images from one program to use in another, how to use several keyboard short cuts, and how to use the Comic Life software. Wow! So many things to learn - and so many new skills to use in other lessons when using ICT. I'm looking forwards to more comics from other classes over the next few weeks.

Completed Pirate Comics


Here are a selection of the completed pirate comics that lower school have been creating over the past few weeks using iPad screenshots, clipart, powerpoint and Comic Life (as well as many tricks to enable their character clipart to be grouped together with the background images). Bethany, class 1 (Images 1 and 2). Bradley, class 7 (Images 3-6). Dylan, class 6 (Images 7,8). Joseph, class 6 (Images 9 - 12). Josh, class 6 (Images 13, 14). Kolby, class 6 (Images 15 - 18). Kshaf, class 6 (Images 19 - 22). Nathan, class 6 (Images 23 - 25). Primrose, class 1 (Images 26 - 28). Tor, class 1 (Images 29, 30). Well done to everyone during this project - you have all worked amazingly well.

Avast, ye landlubbers!

Pirate clr

(That's pirate talk for Pay attention!) Ahoy, me Hearties! Lower School have started to create parts of a comic story all about pirates landing on a strange island, whilst they learn all about the skills of dragging and dropping, copy&paste, multiple select, grouping, and ordering of objects. They are using Powerpoint, screenshots from 'Mysterious Island' and some wonderful clipart we have been allowed to use to begin to storyboard their comics. I can't wait until we come back after half term and continue with this work, as their images are looking good already - and we haven't even put them into Comic Life and added any writing to them yet! When the comics are looking all shipshape, we'll post them on the website. Y'arrrrrrrrrr!

Writing Instructions


Class 1 have been using Comic Life for the first time to give a series of instructions. We chose baking bread - and used the images from the Pictopus website to help us. See Jessica and Kira's instructions below. (We need to do a little bit of work about where the title goes - but for a first attempt in 45 minutes they did really well)

Over in the Citadel...


Over in our Epic Citadel project microsite, Emily and Mathilda worked together and re-told "The Pickpockets Tale" as a graphic Novel using Comic Life, powerpoint, the iPad Epic Citadel app and some avatar creation websites. And their Graphic Novel has been animated in iMovie too;

Creating Cartoons

Lower school are learning how to add characters to background images, so that they can then use their created images in Comic Life to create a cartoon tale. They have spent this weeks ICT lessons learning how to use Powerpoint to combine several images into a single image. Below you can see some of their experiments as they practised a new skill; Many thanks to Bev Evans, who created many of the clipart characters, objects and backgrounds that have been used in this work. Other backgrounds have been taken from our iPad projects involving 'Epic Citadel', 'Myst', 'Return to Mysterious Island', as well as screenshots from 'Digital Discoveries'. Bev has taken a look at this presentation and would like the children involved to know that she is impressed. Well done children!

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