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Science Feed

January 21, 2018: Amazing Space Poetry
Class 6 have produced some phenomenal Space poetry this week. Their imagination and creativity really shone through their writing. Well done all of you.

December 5, 2017: Light and reflection!
Today, class 7 spent the afternoon investigating how light travels. We used a torch in a very dark room to think about how light waves travel in straight lines and reflect off objects back into our eyes. Class 7 now know the difference between opaque, translucent and transparent objects. Mirrors reflect light perfectly because they are so smooth, but it isn't easy to use reflected light in a mirror to trace a pattern, as we all now know! It is even more challenging to write your name when only looking in a mirror. Give it a go if you don't believe us!

November 16, 2017: A Quick Quiz
Here's a quick science challenge for Lower School; If you put your hand up in front of your mouth, about 10cm way from your face, and then whisper the word "push", what can you feel and why? Click on 'comment' below and leave a message explaining what is happening.

November 13, 2017: We were learning about dissolving today!

November 10, 2017: Seven's Super Scientists
Superb scientific research, from a collection of crazy scientists in class7.

November 10, 2017: Class 3 Scientists
What an amazing effort Class 3 have made for World Science Day! We definitely have some future scientists in the making...

November 10, 2017: Class 6 Scientists
Wow, Class 6 has been transformed with some amazing scientists today. Well done to all of you that have dressed up (you look fantastic) or have done research on a famous Scientist.

November 9, 2017: Caution: Science Ahead!!

February 9, 2017: String Sounds
What can you do with some plastic cups, and a big ball of string? Well, class7 went outside to do some science with them, and learnt more about sounds. How could a child all the way over the other side of the yard hear what we were saying quietly?

January 26, 2017: How Does the Ear Work?
Class 7 have made a video to explain how sounds reach our ears, and how we can hear them.

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