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September 28, 2018

Role Models of the Week


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September 21, 2018

Partaking in a bit of history!

It was lovely to celebrate class 6's 100% attendance success last week with a non-uniform day today. Well done everyone.

This week, class 6 and the rest of the lower school children, were whisked back in time to Ancient Egypt, thanks to the wonderful people of Partake who visited our school. The day involved exploring what life would have been like using our sense of touch, sight and even smell! We will soon be posting lots of pictures from the visit.

Other topic work this week has included thinking about the river Nile and why it was so important to the Ancient Egyptians and also starting to look at how we can use symbols instead of words to communicate. Our English work has revolved around writing sentences using our BOYS conjunctions and putting these into a Partake poster. 

We are hoping to catch up on our class book, Secrets of a Sun King, next week find out what Lilian will be doing next on her adventures!

Remember to bring spelling homework and reading planners in on Monday. 

Have a lovely, relaxing weekend. 

Mrs Sawyer




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Good Work Assembley

Well done to all of you with amazing attitudes including super spellers and squirrel rescuers!


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Role models of the week. 😃


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September 14, 2018

What a splendiferous week in class 6!

Wow, what a fantastic week we have had in class 6. I am so impressed with how well the children have settled in and adopted our class contract and school values. This week we have started looking at our Ancient Egypt topic work by thinking about chronology and how long ago the time of the pharaohs was. We have also been practising our spellings and sentences in preparation for some exciting writing activities we have planned for this term. The children have been taking responsibility for their class jobs brilliantly and this meant we won tidiest classroom of the week! Well done all!

Remember to bring in your school planners and spelling homework on Monday for those reading raffle tokens and merits.


In honour of Roald Dahl's birthday I am going to be enjoying this book over the weekend...


In the words of the man himself, I hope you all have a gloriumptious, wondercrump weekend. 

Mrs Sawyer

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Good Work Friday


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September 10, 2018

The discoveries are about to begin

After settling into the school and their new classes, year 3 and 4 pupils in classes 3, 6 and 7 are about to start their topic focus for this half term.

Photo 05-09-2018  08 23 56What will they discover about Ancient Egypt?

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July 25, 2018

Farewell, Year 6

It's that time of year again, when we say farewell to our Year6 as they move on to the next stage of their education, and when we produce our video yearbook of their Porchester life. Enjoy.

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Our sunflowers are blossoming at Porchester

from these...IMG_8727to these..







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July 24, 2018

Information for our Year Six leavers

Year Six leavers, please read this Important information about accessing the school website and Online Tools. As your education comes to an end at Porchester, your access to the school website will be changing. During August this year you will find that you are no longer able to access many of the learning resources. This will be because your usernames will be removed from our list of users. Other resources you will still be able to access, but not edit or amend. Below is a list of the changes that you will notice;

Mathletics: Your account will be removed and access to all of the features in Mathletics no longer possible.

TTRockstars: Your account will be removed and access to all of the features in TTRockstars will no longer be possible.

PurpleMash: You will still be able to use a limited number of free activities, but access to most resources will no longer be possible. In addition you will not be able to save, or load, resources saved online within PurpleMash. Please download to your own computer any that you wish to keep.

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