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Mrs. Ward's Maths group Feed

February 21, 2012: Comparing Weights
In our maths lessons we have been comparing weights of two or more objects.The children used balance scales to weigh different objects to see how many cubes it took to balance each one.They then recorded the results saying which was heaviest and lightest.

November 9, 2011: Shape sorting
This week we have been looking at 2D and 3D shapes and naming them. We have also investigated different ways of sorting them in groups and recording the information on a Venn diagram.

October 20, 2010: Learning about 2D shapes
In our maths lesson today,we have been looking at 2D shapes.We made some 2D shapes on pin boards. 2dshapes

January 27, 2010: Venn Diagrams
The maths group have been learning how to sort information using a Venn Diagram. They used a variety of small plastic insects and sorted them into groups, placing them in different positions on the Diagram. Maths group venn diagrams

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