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Maths Feed

February 11, 2017: Maths challenge Friday

October 19, 2016: Logic Island - another Maths Challenge

October 11, 2016: Making 3D shapes
We had lots of fun in maths today when we were building 3D shapes with straws.

May 20, 2016: Puzzling Challenges
Today The Happy Puzzle Company visited us and set our pupils some challenges that delighted, baffled and amazed them. Who said maths was boring‽

May 19, 2016: Impossible maths
Can a square be a circle? Can a straight line be curved? Those were two questions that class7 investigated in maths today. At the end of the lesson we all agreed that the answer to the two questions asked earlier was YES! (and we also used this website to discover how to make a circle square)

May 18, 2016: Names in blocks
Today's maths in class7 was based around writing names using squared paper. Once the pupils had written out their name, they counted how many squares they had used, and then we turned their 2D names into 3D names using MineCraftEDU. Each child was given just enough blocks to make their name. How would they get on...

May 17, 2016: Chalking Letters
Today in class 7's math lesson we used compass directions to make chalk marks on the playground. We had no idea what shapes the instructions would make until we had finished, but we discovered that we were chalking out capital letters. It was great fun in the sun.

May 16, 2016: Perimeter and area investigations
Class 6's maths group were introduced to perimeter and area today. As the sun was shining, we went outside to investigate the perimeter and area of certain parts of playground. Everyone worked brilliantly in groups and were able to successfully work out some tricky calculations. Well done everyone. Posted with Blogsy

May 16, 2016: Creative Maths in Class7
This morning in maths cl7 were set a challenge involving trying to work out how many 1m2 carpet tiles would be needed to cover the floor in the new hall. After a bit of thinking about how we might work this out, we headed to the hall and began to discover just how big the hall floor was... At the end of the lesson (and after a lot of measuring) we worked out that we would need 140 1m2 carpet tiles to cover the floor.

April 27, 2016: Creating fraction word problems in maths
This morning my maths group created some amazing fraction word problems on whiteboards. We took some pictures to remember their questions - can you work out the answers to any of these problems? (Some of these are a one step problem, some are two step) George asked: "Josh has 25kg of snow in his garden. He uses 1/5 to make a snowman. How much snow has he used?" Katie asked: "Mrs Parr has 16 cakes. She gives 1/2 to Katie. How many does she have left?". How many rings does she get?" Molly asked: "Leon has 50 rings and he gives 1/5 to Molly. How How many does she get?" Owen asked: "Zak had 40 cookies. He had eaten 1/4 of them. How many did he eat?" EvieT asked: "Freya has 28 lollies. She sells 1/4. How many does she have left?"" Leon asked: "Rosy has 25 puppies. She feeds 1/5 of them. How many were fed?" Zachary asked: "Zachary has 15 video games. he throws out 1/3 of them. How many does he have left?" Ellie asked: "Sammi has 20 hats. He sells 1/5 of them. How many does he sell?" Luke asked: "Brendon has 15 sweets. he gives 1/3 to Cole. How many does he have left?" ...and finally, Fred asked a tricky question: "Tommie has 500 marbles. Tommi sells 1/5. How many marbles does he have left?"

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