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History Feed

July 11, 2017: Odysseus and Penelope
Last week class7 were looking at the painting 'Penelope with the Suitors", and producing some artwork based on the painting. In addition to the artwork, they also learnt about the character Penelope and her husband Odysseus. They discovered that Odysseus had been fighting in the Trojan war, and was trying to get back home but had been delayed by the actions of the Greek Gods. The class created postcards from Odysseus to Penelope explaining the delay in returning, and also one of the children took on the role of Zeus and explained why the Gods were trying to stop Odysseus.

July 10, 2017: Egyptian Necklaces
Class 7 have been creating their own version of the type of necklaces that people in Ancient Egypt would have worn. They used a paper plate, scissors, colours and costume jewellery to design some amazing pieces. Some of them were so pleased with their work that they headed home wearing them.

May 19, 2017: Takeaway Homework
Yet another piece of amazing homework from lower school. A very impressive video M! You should consider being a TV presenter when you leave school.

October 30, 2016: Try a Victorian Quiz
What a pleasant surprise to discover that during the half term Jake created his own Victorian quiz using 2DIY in PurpleMash. Can you get all the answers to his questions right?

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Fantastic work Jake. Well done!

June 8, 2016: Going Roman
Today in class 7 we went Roman! We spent the day finding out about Roman artifacts, playing Roman games, building Roman structures. We even ate some Roman food! We learnt how to move like Roman soldiers with shields, and finally saw how Romans dressed. It was fantastic

November 23, 2015: Hunting for Stonehenge
Class 7 have spent today on a history treasure hunt looking for clues about Stonehenge. All around the classroom were little snippets of "Stonehenge Facts" that they needed to locate to help them answer some questions on an information sheet. Once all the information had been found, they then produced their own Stonehenge report.

October 24, 2015: Class six reporters
Class six have come to the end of some of our topics this half term. We have all learnt so many new things and have throughly enjoyed our topics that have been covered. All of the children worked in groups and thought about what they have learnt and how they could report on this. The groups focused on the Mayans, Space and even brought in athletics. Have a look at their fantastic reports. Well done Class six, you made it very clear how much you have learnt over the last few weeks. Mayan art news report from Porchester Junior on Vimeo. The Sun news report from Porchester Junior on Vimeo. Jupiter news report from Porchester Junior on Vimeo. The Solar System news report from Porchester Junior on Vimeo. Mars news report from Porchester Junior on Vimeo. Athletics news report from Porchester Junior on Vimeo. Mayan creations news report from Porchester Junior on Vimeo. Posted with Blogsy

October 5, 2015: Breaking News: Pupils discover Prehistoric Cave Art
Class 7 were amazed to discover a collection of prehistoric cave art fragments in class today. They quickly set about cleaning up the stones in order to identify the images on them. What story could the images tell us? Cleaning up the fragments Prehistoric people and animals An animal being hunted with bow and arrow

October 1, 2015: Mayan achievements
Today, Class 6 learnt about the different achievements and inventions that the Mayan's created. We used a sorting activity to order their achievements according to what we thought was the most important and influential. It was interesting to see our different ideas and opinions so we discussed our reasonings behind our decisions. The justifications for the decisions were very impressive and had clearly been thought about carefully. Well done Class 6, I am really impressed with your work today Posted with Blogsy

July 17, 2015: Ancient Egyptian Day
Today, lower school had an Egyptian day. We had a fantastic day learning more about the Ancient Egyptians. We were lucky enough to have Partake come in to do some drama with us, based on the mummification ritual. They also demonstrated how people would have dressed in Ancient Egyptians times and the reasoning behind each thing. Within our classes we also made Egyptian collars and cartouche necklaces. It has been a very busy and exciting day. Take a look at our video to see some of the moments from the day. Ancient Egyptian Day from Porchester Junior on Vimeo. Posted with Blogsy

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