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Welcome to Porchester Junior School


July 20, 2014: Porchester rocks music festival
The family of schools got together to share musical talent. We had a lovely morning of singing, playing instruments and dancing. Porchester Rocks Music Festival from Porchester Junior on Vimeo. Posted with Blogsy

June 10, 2014: Apprentice Time Again!
The gifted and talented group have been working hard designing a product that would sell at a summer fair. Group 1: The Chocollows, who are Kris, Sophie, Evie, Jake, Louis and Cavan, came up with the idea of selling marshmellows dipped in chocolate covered in popping candy and hundreds of thousands on a stick. Very simple and low cost but also effective and delicious! Group 2: The Milshake Shakers, who are Mason, Keiran, Frances, Emme and McKenzie, wanted to make milkshakes with a twist! Chocolate and strawberry flavours with ice cream all whizzed together and topped with chunky chocolate and strawberry crystals. Again another simple but amazing idea! The two groups went head to head and sold their products on Tuesday break. The winning group will represent Porchester when we go to the family of schools apprentice morning next week. Well done to both groups you all worked very hard making posters, adverts and writing pitches which you showed to the whole school during assembly. Also a big thank you to Mr Widdowson for helping film the adverts and to Mrs Brodsky and Mrs Stone for helping, by lending us cups and jugs from the kitchen and also washing them all! Good luck to both teams!

June 9, 2014: Random Acts of Kindness Day
Kindness everywhere! Our day began with bubbles and balloons and strawberries and cream. Lots of compliments and kind words flying around. What a great day! Posted with Blogsy

June 4, 2014: Charcoal Art
This week we are looking at 'The Graham Children' by William Hogarth. Class 6 have looked at one part of the painting that really caught their attention and then recreated the picture using charcoal. They all look fantastic, well done. Posted with Blogsy

June 2, 2014: Take one Picture... Class four become Art Detectives
Today class four became art detectives. They began by exploring the painting " The Graham Children' by William Hogarth. The Graham Children from Porchester Junior on Vimeo. Posted with Blogsy

May 21, 2014: Acorn's Back!
Not long ago we showed you the great comic "Rat Race" that Cavan had made with help from JoshG, based on a game he had created using the 'Floors' app. You can read that comic here At the end of the comic there was a question mark, making everyone wonder if there would be another part to the story. Well, JoshG (cl4) has been busy making his own story (with help from Cavan) and now the adventures of Acorn can continue in 'Acorn's Back'. Enjoy!

May 9, 2014: Based on the game...
Cavan (cl5) has been busy making a graphic novel based on the adventures of a character he used in a recent computer game creation, with help from Josh (cl4). After completing the design, edit and testing of his own computer game using the 'Floors' app from PixelPress. He then played his game and took several screengrabs of the action as he battled his way through the levels. Afterwards, he then took those screengrabs and used them in the 'Comic Life' app to create a short story explaining where his character was, why he was there, and what he had to do next. His completed comic looked fantastic; Did you notice the question mark at the end? Maybe there is a second comic on its way shortly... Posted with Blogsy

May 2, 2014: Dream. Draw. Play...
This week a new app called 'Floors' was released. Before its release, a few Upper School children were introduced to the idea of the app and excitedly began to create resources for it. What made the children so keen to be ready for it? Well, using just a sheet of paper and a pencil, the children were able to 'draw' an idea for a computer game. They could add blocks, coins, hazards, powerups, ladders and portals in their game as you can see in the first two images below. Earlier this week, once the app was released, the pupils scanned their drawings into the app and watched as their sheet of paper turned it into a playable computer game. After a few edits and choosing the colour and style of the game each child had their own fully playable videogame. These games were put into the app 'arcade' to allow other people around the world to play our pupils games. If you'd like to play these games yourself, search the appstore on your iPad for 'Pixel Press Floors', open the arcade and choose from "Cavan's Chaos" (image 5 above), "Josh's Jape" (image 6), "Elliot's Exodus" (image 7) or "Dennis' Dash" (image 8).

April 4, 2014: Decorating Eggs
We have been amazed at this years response to our decorated eggs competition. These are the entries that will be judged...

March 6, 2014: World Book Day Costume Winners
Well done to the winners, and runners up, in each class who created some wonderful costumes for World Book Day; It was really hard choosing just 12 children from the amazing costumes that you came to school in today. What clever, creative children (and parents!!) you all are;

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