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Welcome to Porchester Junior School


December 8, 2014: Cookery club make Christmas truffles
Wow! We have had an amazing time the last few weeks at cookery club. The children made christmas truffles tonight, the last cookery club. Well done guys! Posted with Blogsy

December 5, 2014: Digital Artwork
Upper school have been learning how to use iPads to create digital artwork. They looked at a Scandanavian painting by Marcus Larson titled "Rocky landscape with waterfall in Smaland" and then worked in pairs to recreate their own vision of the landscape using the 'Brushes' iPad app. Here is a small selection of their creations; (Charlie / IsaacA | JamesH / Thomas | Jessica / Connor | Harry / Rhys | Emma | Finn / Travante)

November 26, 2014: Class 5 Gymnastics
Balances and counter balances Posted with Blogsy

November 25, 2014: Class 6 cook
In Science we have been learning about states of matter. Today, we thought about how states of matter can change when we cook. We enjoyed making chocolate cornflake cakes and thinking about the changes that heating and cooling certain foods has throughout the process. We had a lovely afternoon with a very yummy result! Class 6 make chocolate cornflake cakes from Porchester Junior on Vimeo. Posted with Blogsy

November 12, 2014: Class four create their own learning lines
We have created our own learning lines. They help us show how we feel about our learning; how well we understand our learning and how well we are learning new things. Additionally, it helps the children assess their own learning a life long skill. The children have designed their own learning lines have a look at their great designs. My Movie from Porchester Junior on Vimeo. Posted with Blogsy

October 27, 2014: Crime Scene Investigation at Porchester Junior School!
Pupils have been taking part in a day of sleuthing using Crime Scene Investigation techniques. The crime, children quickly learned in assembly, was a distressing one for Mr Cullen. Someone had polished off his coffee and stolen the doughnuts! The children’s job was to find the culprit amongst the only group of people capable of carrying out such a crime, the teaching staff! Gracie, from Year 6, had her suspicions about who she thought had perpetrated the crime after examining fingerprints and handwriting samples. “I think Mrs Thomas has done it!” Renae said that descriptions from witnesses gave her the clues, “I think Mrs Ingle has done it, the witness said the culprit had shoulder length hair, a brown skirt and she always has a smile on her face. She looked guilty in assembly too!” Through fingerprint and handwriting analysis and following witness statements, the children finally discovered that the guilty party was Mrs Thomas. She said, “It was so hard keeping it a secret from the children, we had been secretly planning the event for a few weeks. It was brilliant to see everyone working together to solve the crime from the clues. I thoroughly enjoyed being the culprit!” Anne Ingle organised the day and said, "Forensic science day was a great success, the children didn’t know anything about the event and arrived at school to be greeted by staff wearing forensic science suits and the corridor taped off with crime scene tape. The buzz of excitement from the children was immense. The children used scientific enquiry skills to solve the crime, they worked collaboratively and there was a definite thirst to find out who had committed the crime. The speculation spilled out into the playground, children huddled together exchanging views on who the culprit was. It was a super day that was fun and engaging. All the children solved the crime and found that Mrs Thomas was the guilty party!”

October 21, 2014: Dairylea Triangle box collection
Please can all children collect Dairylea Triangle (or equivalent) boxes and shoe boxes. Please send to Mrs Kerr in Class 7. Thank you Posted with Blogsy

July 20, 2014: Porchester rocks music festival
The family of schools got together to share musical talent. We had a lovely morning of singing, playing instruments and dancing. Porchester Rocks Music Festival from Porchester Junior on Vimeo. Posted with Blogsy

June 10, 2014: Apprentice Time Again!
The gifted and talented group have been working hard designing a product that would sell at a summer fair. Group 1: The Chocollows, who are Kris, Sophie, Evie, Jake, Louis and Cavan, came up with the idea of selling marshmellows dipped in chocolate covered in popping candy and hundreds of thousands on a stick. Very simple and low cost but also effective and delicious! Group 2: The Milshake Shakers, who are Mason, Keiran, Frances, Emme and McKenzie, wanted to make milkshakes with a twist! Chocolate and strawberry flavours with ice cream all whizzed together and topped with chunky chocolate and strawberry crystals. Again another simple but amazing idea! The two groups went head to head and sold their products on Tuesday break. The winning group will represent Porchester when we go to the family of schools apprentice morning next week. Well done to both groups you all worked very hard making posters, adverts and writing pitches which you showed to the whole school during assembly. Also a big thank you to Mr Widdowson for helping film the adverts and to Mrs Brodsky and Mrs Stone for helping, by lending us cups and jugs from the kitchen and also washing them all! Good luck to both teams!

June 9, 2014: Random Acts of Kindness Day
Kindness everywhere! Our day began with bubbles and balloons and strawberries and cream. Lots of compliments and kind words flying around. What a great day! Posted with Blogsy

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