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Clubs Feed

January 18, 2017: Building Big Ben
The Monday after school STEAM club have been busy working on a grand project for the past two months, and have finally completed it. They have been using the 3D printer, a clock kit and a Raspberry Pi to print the parts of the Big Ben tower, paint the parts, construct the tower, install a working clock, and finally programme a computer to play recordings of the actual chimes and bongs of Big Ben. The printed pieces | Painting | Constructing the Tower Adding a working clock | Adding the computer | Completed Tower Fantastic work from all involved.

December 18, 2016: A towering success
Well done to the Monday after school STEAM club who have completed painting and constructing their latest 3D creation - Elizabeth Tower, home of Big Ben. After Christmas they will be adding real working clock hands to one of the faces to turn their creation into a working timepiece.

November 21, 2016: The TARDIS
Our after school STEAM club have completed their first project - a 3D printed version of the Doctor's TARDIS.

October 17, 2016: The Doctors are on their way
Great work from the members of the after school STEAM club tonight. They've built their Tardises, painted them and added the windows. Next week they should be adding the electrics to light them up.

March 26, 2015: Football
Well done to our fantastic football team who won 9-3 against Arnbrook Primary School earlier this week. They all played brilliantly and made Porchester incredibly proud of them. Posted with Blogsy

March 19, 2015: Porchester Junior's Guitarists display their skills.
This week our guitarists put on a spectacular show of their musical skills. Our resident guitar teacher uses popular music to enable his pupils to learn and hone their plucking and strumming skills. We were treated to fabulous renditions of 'Shake it off' and 'Uptown Funk' and they had the whole hall rockin' - well done guitarists you were amazing. Posted with Blogsy

March 7, 2015: Mothers Day Activity Event 10.3.15
The Friends of Porchester Junior school are holding a Mothers Day activity event on From 3.15pm until 4.30pm There are 30 places available at £2 per child - tickets from the office Your child will have the chance to make a card and create a gift. Posted with Blogsy

February 4, 2015: CHINESE NEW YEAR DISCO
Porchester Junior School PTA Present Chinese New Year Disco FRIDAY 13th FEBRUARY 2015 from 7pm Venue: Porchester Junior School - New Hall Optional Chinese Themed Fancy dress Posted with Blogsy

September 21, 2014: Eco Club
Mr Lee's Eco Club got off to a flying start last Friday. They began by harvesting the vegetable patch. What an amazing harvest!

April 3, 2014: Homertron - A CodeClub project
I am so impressed with the hard work and careful thinking that has been demonstrated for the past two weeks during our afterschool CodeClub sessions. The children were given the opportunity to create their own computer animation / task / game rather than follow a set of provided instructions. Ben, cl3, used this time to create an amazing game that began as a green blob being followed around the screen by black blobs. He modified his creation (edited it), corrected mistakes within it (debugged it), and then improved how it looked to end up with 'Homertron'. It's a nod to the the original Tron film, but with a donut hunting Homer rather than lightbikes. Enjoy! Unfortunately the embedding of the game for all to play and enjoy has been delayed whilst we investigate a bug that has appeared as the project was uploaded and transformed from a Scratch1 to a Scratch2 file. Update: we have revised the code to version2 but know that moving in a NW direction whilst playing on a Mac causes the game to end. We're not sure why this happens, but it seems to work fine when playing on a Windows system. We think we've found a solution to this problem now, with a third revision of the code. If the game above does not play correctly, please let us know!

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