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Class 7 Feed

February 12, 2018: Living Like A Roman
Class 7 had a great time on Friday when we had a whole day learning about what it would be like to be Roman. The children learnt how to march like Roman soldiers, how to carry shields in the famous "testudo" formation, tried Roman foods (the fish sauce was an acquired taste), played Roman games, learnt about some Roman objects and finally dressed like a Roman. Thank you to Partake. It was a brilliant day.

February 7, 2018: Mouthwatering Menus
Did you know that the Romans brought apples and pears to Britain, as well as many other foods that we still eat? Class 7 have been creating menus using foods available in Roman times. How about a piece of Bay leafed stuffed salmon? Maybe they could tempt you with some beef stuffed with coriander seeds, fennel seeds, pine kernels and herbs? Or perhaps you're feeling brave enough to try 'fish custard'?

February 5, 2018: Clock Watching
We've been looking at aspects of Roman Life that still influence us today, and realised that the numerals we see on some clocks are Roman Numerals, so we decided to make our own Roman Numeral clock faces.

January 26, 2018: Roman Reporting
Class 7 have been researching Boudicca this week, and produced some fantastic newspaper reports all about her rebellion against The Roman army. The language used throughout their writing has been exceptional.

January 26, 2018: Freddie's Roman Research
Freddie has been busy creating a wonderful piece of homework all about The Romans.

January 19, 2018: Invasion!
After preparing their shields earlier in the week, the Roman soldiers in classes 1, 3 and 7 met in the hall on Thursday for their final instructions before they then marched off towards the Barbarian Celtic tribes in classes 4, 5 and 6. When attack horns were blown, the children stormed into the tribal areas, removed the local Chieftan, and forced the Celts to become Roman. Once the locals had agreed to a new way of life, the soldiers withdrew and began to write diaries recording their magnificent victory. Here are just two of the diaries from some of the Roman soldiers.

January 16, 2018: Preparations
It's AD43 in Class 7, and they are preparing for something important. We're not allowed to tell you what - but we spotted them doing this in their classroom. Just what is going on?

January 10, 2018: Flag Challenge
Here's a little extra challenge for Class7. We now know that the colours of the Italian flag are Green, White and Red, but what other countries have those three colours in their flag as well? Leave a comment below when you find a country that also has a green stripe, a white stripe and a red stripe in their flag.

December 5, 2017: Light and reflection!
Today, class 7 spent the afternoon investigating how light travels. We used a torch in a very dark room to think about how light waves travel in straight lines and reflect off objects back into our eyes. Class 7 now know the difference between opaque, translucent and transparent objects. Mirrors reflect light perfectly because they are so smooth, but it isn't easy to use reflected light in a mirror to trace a pattern, as we all now know! It is even more challenging to write your name when only looking in a mirror. Give it a go if you don't believe us!

November 22, 2017: Story Mapping
In our English today we were looking at the story of 'The Quest' and creating a story map of the key points in the tale. Instead of drawing each part of the story we thought we'd use emoji.

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