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Class 7 Feed

June 19, 2018: Creating the digestive system
What a messy afternoon in class 7. We wanted to see how the digestive system worked, and so we created our own version of it using a chocolate and banana sandwich, saliva (water), a stomach (plastic bag), stomach acid (vinegar) and intestines (tights). Harrison said it was "The best lesson ever", while Millie added "It was gross!"

June 16, 2018: Tooth Decay Eggsperiment!
This week, children in lower school carried out a fair test experiment to investigate which liquids cause the most damage to our teeth. Take a look at our pictures to see what we discovered!

June 7, 2018: Making Skeletons
Lower School have started their new topic this week and began with a fun activity hunting for bones in order to build a complete skeleton. We had a great time!

May 23, 2018: Lower School Reflection: Water
Lower School are coming to the end of their current theme of 'Water' and have been presenting some of their work and learning to parents. Here is a slideshow of some of the learning that took place;

May 23, 2018: We Have A Problem
Lower School have an important message for everyone.

April 27, 2018: Newspaper reports
During our water based topic, we have been learning how to write newspaper reports, based around the recent bad weather and the effects of "The Beast from the East". Here are a few examples of their completed work.

February 15, 2018: Celebrating and Reflecting
Thank you to everyone who came into school today to see our reflections for The Romans. We were really pleased to see so many of you, and hope you enjoyed hearing about what the children have been learning.

February 12, 2018: Living Like A Roman
Class 7 had a great time on Friday when we had a whole day learning about what it would be like to be Roman. The children learnt how to march like Roman soldiers, how to carry shields in the famous "testudo" formation, tried Roman foods (the fish sauce was an acquired taste), played Roman games, learnt about some Roman objects and finally dressed like a Roman. Thank you to Partake. It was a brilliant day.

February 7, 2018: Mouthwatering Menus
Did you know that the Romans brought apples and pears to Britain, as well as many other foods that we still eat? Class 7 have been creating menus using foods available in Roman times. How about a piece of Bay leafed stuffed salmon? Maybe they could tempt you with some beef stuffed with coriander seeds, fennel seeds, pine kernels and herbs? Or perhaps you're feeling brave enough to try 'fish custard'?

February 5, 2018: Clock Watching
We've been looking at aspects of Roman Life that still influence us today, and realised that the numerals we see on some clocks are Roman Numerals, so we decided to make our own Roman Numeral clock faces.

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