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Class 4

February 4, 2015: An unexpected visitor to class four
We have been exploring the animals that live in the rainforest, Many of the children researched the different snakes that live in the rainforest. Today we had an expert talk about corn snakes. B brought his corn snake in to school. B was a superb expert and shared his knowledge and expertise with the class. Corn Snakes are a small sized colubrid snake native to Central and the South-East of North America. They have been popular in the pet trade for many years and are a great beginner's snake for those new to snake keeping. Corn Snakes come in a variety of colours and patterns (morphs) and are a very attractive and docile species of snake. Posted with Blogsy

February 4, 2015: CHINESE NEW YEAR DISCO
Porchester Junior School PTA Present Chinese New Year Disco FRIDAY 13th FEBRUARY 2015 from 7pm Venue: Porchester Junior School - New Hall Optional Chinese Themed Fancy dress Posted with Blogsy

January 31, 2015: Clay Workshop at TCA with Mrs Kerr
Last Tuesday a group of mixed year group children got the chance to go with Mrs Kerr and Mrs Parr to Carlton Acadedmy for a Clay workshop. We were taught how to make tiles from the clay and used surrealist paintings to inspire us. We created a whole picture as a team by individually moulding sections of the picture, using a variety of tools to create different artistic effects on the clay. Well done to the children who attended the session and keep your eyes peeled for the final piece of artwork over the coming weeks. Posted with Blogsy

December 5, 2014: Digital Artwork
Upper school have been learning how to use iPads to create digital artwork. They looked at a Scandanavian painting by Marcus Larson titled "Rocky landscape with waterfall in Smaland" and then worked in pairs to recreate their own vision of the landscape using the 'Brushes' iPad app. Here is a small selection of their creations; (Charlie / IsaacA | JamesH / Thomas | Jessica / Connor | Harry / Rhys | Emma | Finn / Travante)

November 12, 2014: Class four create their own learning lines
We have created our own learning lines. They help us show how we feel about our learning; how well we understand our learning and how well we are learning new things. Additionally, it helps the children assess their own learning a life long skill. The children have designed their own learning lines have a look at their great designs. My Movie from Porchester Junior on Vimeo. Posted with Blogsy

October 24, 2014: Sponsored Golf Day
Well done to the children of our wonderful school. We had a fabulous time learning pitching and putting golf skills whilst also raising money to pay for the transport to our Young Voices concert in Sheffield. Check out the photo video of our day. Posted with Blogsy

October 22, 2014: Forensic science day... Pupils solve crime!
My Movie from Porchester Junior on Vimeo. Posted with Blogsy

October 21, 2014: Forensic science day
Catch the culprit Today the children became forensic scientists... A serious crime had been committed, someone had crept into Mr Cullen's office, drank his coffee and eaten his donuts. The culprit left behind some clues: finger prints; lip prints; bite marks; an apology letter and the pen that was used. A witness saw the culprit running away .... The children spent the day solving the case by using scientific techniques. Well done Children... You are amazing scientists :-) Posted with Blogsy

October 21, 2014: Halloween Fun
Pupils in classes 3, 4 and 5 have been learning how to use little snippets of code to enhance and improve games they have made in 2DIY. To complete their work, they were taught how to make objects partly transparent within their games, and then asked to use this knowledge to create a Halloween themed game. Here are a few examples of the games they created (links to play the games can be found below these images); Click to play Ben's Halloween game Click to play Emma's Halloween game Click to play Frances' Halloween game Click to play Jessica's Halloween game Click to play Reegan's Halloween game Click to play Thomas' Halloween game Click to play Toby's Halloween game Thank you to Nikki from 2Simple who left us a lovely message after playing these games. You can listen to her message here; Message from 2Simple The Clipart used in many of these games has been taken from the wonderful bank of images donated to the school by the much missed Bev Evans.

October 21, 2014: Dairylea Triangle box collection
Please can all children collect Dairylea Triangle (or equivalent) boxes and shoe boxes. Please send to Mrs Kerr in Class 7. Thank you Posted with Blogsy

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