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Welcome to Porchester Junior School

Class 4

April 1, 2014: Class four Maths group - Mrs I
I have set you some takeaway homework for the holidays, you can choose the tasks to complete. I have based them on the areas you said you found tricky. There are a mix of fractions, percentages, area, perimeter, time, shape, coordinates, times tables and data handling. I will be able to check on line to see how well you are doing. Accessing the takeaway homework. Go to the school website, click on online tools, then click on interactive resources. Log on then click on class four maths. You are ready to choose the tasks you feel you need to work on. I am expecting you to complete at least five... Posted with Blogsy

March 22, 2014: Attention class four.... Mrs Ingle's Challenge...
Next week, we are going to look at writing for purpose and audience... Writing to persuade. Can you have a look for adverts in magazines for products and bring them in on Monday please. Put your thinking caps on .... If you could design a product - what would you invent? Why? Who would it be for? Where would you sell it? Why would people want it? Are you ready for my challenge? Posted with Blogsy

March 10, 2014: Helpful Maths App
The class5 maths group have been busy this morning working with Mr.Widdowson creating their own maths app to remind them of some of the important maths skills needed. Whilst some of the class recorded video clips and made short movies using iMovie on iPads, Kris and Sophie worked together to build an app for smartphones. You can see the app here and download it to your own device.

March 6, 2014: The Little Mister Stories...
Class4 were busy writing their own version of the children's favourite story series. Listen to some of their little stories;

March 5, 2014: We Are Scientists
Upper School had a wonderful time today being scientists and investigating energy saving solutions when EOn visited and worked with us. We've also put a few of the days images on our Flickr page as well

March 5, 2014: Class four become creative thinkers.
From one phonograph, class four created 26 different pieces of work... My Movie 1 from Porchester Junior on Vimeo. Posted with Blogsy

March 4, 2014: Class four and six cook up a storm
Today class four and class six made some delicious pancakes. Brilliant collaborative work :-) Porchester Makes Pancakes from Porchester Junior on Vimeo. Posted with Blogsy

February 25, 2014: And another brilliant homework project.
J shared his homework project about the bicycle. Posted with Blogsy

February 25, 2014: Another Brilliant project
J shared his project about " the dialysis maching" . Posted with Blogsy

February 25, 2014: Brilliant homework projects
The children have been busy over the last half term completing a project. This term the children are sharing their work with the class. D shared his project about Henry Ford. D built his own engine.... Posted with Blogsy

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