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Class 4 Feed

September 3, 2015: The value of friendship
Mr Cullen, with a glamourous assistant, introduced our first value in assembly this morning. It was friendship, this afternoon we looked at the qualities needed for friendship. We made friendship quotes and friendship recipes for our values tree. What does friendship mean to you? " True friendship is like sound health, the value of it is seldom known until it is lost." C C Colton " A true friend knows your strengths, feels your fears but fortifies your faith, sees your anxieties but frees your spirit; recognises your disabilities but emphasises your possibilities." William Arthur Ward "Friends are born, not made" Henry Adams "We'll be friends forever won't we Pooh? Asked Piglet. Even longer, Pooh answered." A A Milne Have a look at the superb friendship recipes and quotes the children made about friendship. The Value Of Friendship from Porchester Junior on Vimeo. Posted with Blogsy

September 3, 2015: Class four make learning lines
We have had a busy first day, this morning we made our learning lines. The learning lines will help us with our learning throughout the year; they will help us understand that it is ok to struggle with new concepts and show us that we have to work hard and practice to understand them totally. The learning lines will make us resilient learnings. Have a look at the amazing designs. My Movie from Porchester Junior on Vimeo. Posted with Blogsy

July 22, 2015: A time to say Goodbye

July 21, 2015: Une excellente journée du français au Porchester
We held French day on the 20th July. The children were able to sample traditional French activities throughout the day. The activities included a game of Pétanque, Cubist art inspired by Fernand Leger, learning and singing the French song 'Savez vous planter les choux', asking for sandwich ingredients in French, creating their version of the Eiffel Tower and learning traditional French dances. Here are a few videos and photos from the day. Thank you to our PTA for helping towards funding this fabulous day. Class 3 from Porchester Class 7 on Vimeo. Class 6 French Traditional Dancing from Porchester Class 7 on Vimeo. Class 6 French Folk Dancing from Porchester Class 7 on Vimeo. Posted with Blogsy

July 13, 2015: A brilliant dress rehearsal ...
Upper school congratulations on a brilliant dress rehearsal to our special guests this afternoon. Your singing was absolutely beautiful and your acting was amazing all your heard work has paid off. Well done. Posted with Blogsy

July 11, 2015: Upper schools performance " Aladdin Trouble"
We are very excited about our performances next week. On Monday we will be having a dress rehearsal to some special guests. Thursday we have two performances 1:30pm and 6pm. All the children will need to be back in school at 5:45pm dressed in their outfits which they will bring home that day. The children have worked incredibly hard and we are very proud of them all. We look forward to see you at the performances. Mrs I, Mrs W, Mr S and Ms G. Posted with Blogsy

July 9, 2015: App Creation
Pupils in class4 have been creating their own smartphone apps recently. Scan the QR codes on your smartphone or tablet to add an app to your own device, or click on the link to view a preview of the app. - 'PetCare' - - Famous Favourites - - Car Fact File - - Top 10 Video Games - - The Orphanage -

June 26, 2015: Porchester Junior School's Summer Fair
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May 29, 2015: Junk Amnesty
Whilst you're on half term can you all please collect kitchen roll insides, plastic bottles, boxes of all shapes and sizes and any other useful bits you might have lying around at home. Please send them washed and clean to any lower school teacher. We will be using them as part of a Literacy session on the first Tuesday back. Thank you and enjoy the rest of your half term. :) Posted with Blogsy

May 9, 2015: A message for year six
Year six, hope you have having a relaxing weekend with some early nights. SATS begin on Monday, remember we have yoga at 8:10am followed by toast if you would like it. We are incredibly proud of you all. You have worked so hard and shown great determination, dedication and resilience. It's your turn to "show off" , show everyone what you can do. Your turn to shine. Go for it year six. We are right beside you :) Mrs I, Mrs W , Mr S and Miss G. :) Posted with Blogsy

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