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Welcome to Porchester Junior School

Class 4

September 26, 2014: Class four complete a literacy challenge
Today class four have taken part in a literacy challenge. They were given a setting, character and a problem to solve. In small groups they had to collaboratively work together to create a story map then present their story to the rest of the class. Class Four's Literacy Challenge from Porchester Junior on Vimeo. Posted with Blogsy

September 12, 2014: Exploring different Genres
This week in literacy we have been looking at different genres. The very talented class four have started planning their own stories based around a genre they enjoy . Different Genres from Porchester Junior on Vimeo. Posted with Blogsy

September 12, 2014: New Display
Posted with Blogsy

September 12, 2014: Our new whole school display
Check out the lovely new display in our old hall. Every child has their handprint included in it, showing how amazing we can be when we work together. Posted with Blogsy

September 12, 2014: Class four create an Anglo Saxon settlement
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September 4, 2014: We are all unique and beautiful, But together we are a masterpiece
We have been busy designing our classroom.... Posted with Blogsy

July 23, 2014: Goodbye, Part1
As it is the end of the year, it must mean just one thing - the Yr6 leavers slideshow as we bid a tearful goodbye to the children we have seen for the past four years. Posted with Blogsy

July 8, 2014: Information for our Year Six leavers
Year Six leavers, please read this Important information about accessing the school website and Online Tools. As your education comes to an end at Porchester, your access to the school digital resources will be changing. From August this year you will find that you are no longer able to access many of the learning resources. This will be because your usernames will be removed from our list of users. Other resources you may still be able to access, but not edit or amend. Below is a list of the changes that you will notice; Blippit: Your account will be altered and access to creating Apps through the 'Porchester' portal no longer possible. However, you may find that your secondary school uses Blippit, and you'll know how to use it! Any apps you created whilst at Porchester will remain via the Planet Blippit school page. Planet Sherston: Your account will be removed and access to all of the features in Planet Sherston no longer possible. PurpleMash: You will still be able to use a limited number of free activities, but access to most resources will no longer be possible. In addition you will not be able to save, or load, resources saved online within PurpleMash. Please download to your own computer any that you wish to keep. Your school network folder will be archived and maintained for a while, but you may wish to transfer the work within it before you leave. You will need to provide a memory stick and see Mr Widdowson who will transfer your work for you. Posted with Blogsy

July 1, 2014: Upper school performance information
Upper school will be doing two performances of Grease the musical. Tuesday 15th July at 6pm Thursday 17th July at 1:30pm. The performance lasts approximately one hour. The children in the play will need to wear fifties style clothes. Girls... Polka dot skirts or dresses. Pedal pushers, tops, neck scarves etc... Boys White t shirt, trousers or jeans, leather jacket for t birds . If they are dancers then the same applies. If you wish to look at the style of clothes then there are plenty of clips of Grease available to view on the you tube Chanel. Thank you so much for supporting your children with this, they have worked so hard and have produced an amazing performance I know you will enjoy. Any queries please do not hesitate to catch me after school. Mrs I Posted with Blogsy

June 24, 2014: The Day that White Post came to school
What a wonderful day we have had today. Each class has had an opportunity to spend some time outside in the quiet area with some staff from the White Post Farm learning all about a range of animals from all over the world, from the soft and fluffy ones right through to spiny and many legged creatures...

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