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Class 4 Feed

February 2, 2018: Editing
A demanding part of writing is editing, the skill of being able to go back through your work to spot and correct mistakes, make improvements and think about what you haven't put in your writing that you Should! Today Class 4 helped each other by editing their work together. It was wonderful to see them persevering, being resilient, positive, friendly, supporting and inspiring together.

February 2, 2018: Improving sentences
Class 4 have been enjoying looking at different pictures on Pobble 365. Today we looked at a stunning photograph of an ant on a leaf, floating on water. The children had to improve the sentence 'The ant floated on the leaf.' Just look what they came up with! Well done, Class 4

January 21, 2018: Out of the World homework
Wow! Upper school are learning all about Earth and Space for their topic 'Where in the Universe am I?' All the children have their 'Bingo' homework of activities and they are coming in steadily already. Thank you. However, three stars have decided to go above and beyond with their homework. Daisy, Minnie and Freya decided the homework we set wasn't enough so they got researched, designed and created these amazing pieces! These show true learning, creativity and pride. Keep it up and I hope you inspire others!

November 19, 2017: How the Beast became!
This week we explored changing the physical in our writing and wrote our onw version of how the Beast became stories. We explored active and passive voice as well as similies and metaphors. The children worked as hard as ants getting their stories completed.

November 13, 2017: We were learning about dissolving today!

November 10, 2017: World Science Day 2017
Class 4 have amazed us today! What great Scientists and researchers

February 11, 2017: Maths challenge Friday

February 11, 2017: 200 word story challenge
Today we had a challenge to write a story using only 200 words.

February 2, 2017: Stunning Brazil Homework using powerpoint
Download Brazil Please take a look at this superb independent homework by the very talented Ewan. We have been looking at Brazil as part of Geography topic. Well done Ewan this is fantastic work. We are very proud of you.

January 21, 2017: Year Six SATS revision resources 2017
http://www.porchester.notts.sch.uk/website/sats-revision-resources.html We have created a selection of resources to be used as revision aids for the forthcoming SATS tests for year 6.

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