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Aurasma Test

Updated way to view this! (28th May)

Get the Aurasma app and the i-Nigma code reader app for your iOS device
(only iPhone3GS / iPhone4 / iPad2 / iPodTouch (with camera) can use Aurasma at the moment)

Scan the QRcode with i-Nigma, wait, and then point your camera at the school logo...

Here's a video showing how Aurasma can be used to explain how some artwork was created;

And, finally, I shall be creating a new display for our recent "Imagined Worlds" work - and including the image below. Just scan the QR then point your camera at the image below...

Aurasma puts video onto a wall display

A display in the computer suite using AR to demonstrate how each of the games created by the pupils works. Simply watch the game play on the wall in front of you!


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