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July 25, 2017

Board Game Based Creativity

At the start of 2017, Class7 were introduced to a new board game - Beasts of Balance - that combine a traditional game (stacking of objects) with an interactive iPad app. At the same time, a small group of children were asked to start to develop a story based around the mysterious and wonderful world that the Beasts of the game inhabit.

Jacob (Yr4), Ada (Yr4), Nathaniel (Yr3) and Isabelle (Yr3) have worked really hard to complete their nine chapter story that is called "Beasts: A Tale". Below we've printed a small extract from their work, along with a link to the whole tale as a .pdf file

Ada stopped, looked up and shouted "Stop. Look up to the sky".
The others stopped and looked above them.
"So. Many. Stars." she gasped.
They looked and looked.
All of a sudden Jacob said "Look, those stars look like an octopus".
"And those look like a bear" added Isabelle.
"There's a warthog" gasped Nathaniel, pointing upwards
"An eagle" shouted Ada, tapping Jacob on the shoulder, who was busy looking at more stars that looked like a shark.
"Toucan" yelled Nathaniel and Isabelle together.
"These constellations are strange" muttered Ada, "I don't know any of these".
Unexpectedly, the three stars in the warthog constellation slowly began to fall towards the ground. The children backed away whilst staring at the falling stars until they hit the ground. Instantly, a warthog appeared in front of them, snorting and eating the juicy grass.
"Wow", the children whispered, "That's magic".

Download Beasts: A Tale


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