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March 29, 2017

Our Limericks

This week we've been trying to make our own limericks. It's not as easy as we thought it would be because we needed to think about how many syllables are on each line, which words could rhyme with other words and also try to keep to a rhythm throughout the whole limerick.

Kiya-Mae worked on a limerick about an old man and created this;

There once was a very old man,

Who lived in a terrible van.

The metal got rusty,

And then very dusty,

Which gave him a terrible tan!


Omari created one about a young girl;

There once was a very young girl,

Whose hair she always did curl.

She thought it looked nice,

But was covered in lice,

Which made everyone else want to hurl!


And the whole class worked together to create one about a young boy;

There once was a very young boy,

All he liked to do was destroy.

He broke his own boat,

And the TV remote,

Until he had run out of toys.


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Cool Kia-Mae ,Omari and the whole class

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