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February 20, 2017

Volcano Day

After weeks and weeks of construction, today we made our volcanoes erupt using water, washing liquid, red paint, bicarbonate of soda and vinegar. We had great fun watching each volcano bubble up and burst over the side of the crater.

  • Photo 20-02-2017, 09 42 30
  • Photo 20-02-2017, 09 42 44
  • Photo 20-02-2017, 09 43 03
  • Photo 20-02-2017, 09 43 04
Photo 20-02-2017, 09 43 04

 In fact, we had so much fun we thought we'd turn the eruption into a video using iMovie, a SpecialFX app, and a greenscreen app.


Comments we have received about this article;

the video was amazing and I liked the volcano

Excellant vido

Excellant vido

I really enjoyed making our volcano

great job for the effects and that was awesome I want to do it again

Well done class7 looks very realistic well done to the people who made the volcanoes hope you enjoyed making them (volcanoes) everyone have a good day!!

Yaaaaay I had so much fun making and exploding the volcanoes well done to everyone in class7 hope you had fun enjoy the rest of your day!! :-)

Well done to everyone in class7 hope you enjoyed making and exploding the volcanoes hope everyone has a great day and keep your life brilliant!! :)

I like making the volcanos☺☺☺😊😊😊😀😀😀

well done class 7 I hope you had fun I like the volcanoe

WOW!That BLEW my mind 😉.Amazing effects well done class 7!


Wow! What stunning volcanoes!
I loved the video- huge well done Mrs I

Well done class 7 love the mini movie that you made and the effects were fab

Its me Adam Celik.The video was amazing Breathless

Thankyou class 7for all the things you did to make this video so thankyou everyone thankyou mr cullen for letting us do all this thankyou mr widowson for agreeing with mr cullen to let us make our volcanoes and for letting us make that video

Class 7 have worked really hard on this project WELL DONE

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