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May 08, 2012

Measuring light around the school

Lower school children have been using the data loggers recently to find the light levels around school. We've put all their results into a grid;


For the next lesson, can you answer the following questions; (you could write the answers as comments)

1) Why are there four readings for each location around the school?

2) Why do all the results from the resource room read 0?

3) Where was the brighest place - why do you think this?

4) What is the average reading? How was it found?

5) What could have caused the second reading in class 6 to be so different from the others?

6) How could the way that the datalogger was held affect the reading from it?

7) What was the unit of measurement that the light level was measured in?

Use the "average" values to make a graph of the light levels around the school


Comments we have received about this article;

1) There are four readings because four people measured the light at the same time.

2)The readings of the resource read zero because there is not a window to let light through.

3)The brightest place was outside because the sun is very bright and even though there were clouds covering the sun that day, it can still shine through.

4)The average number was found by adding all the numbers together and then dividing them by four.

5)The second reading in class six was so different because some one was probably pointing the dater logger at the window.

6)The measurement of light that the data logger sensed could be different because someone was either pointing the sensor up at a light of a window or someone was putting their hand over the top of the machine.

7)The unit of measurement was measured in lux.

1=There are four readings for each location so we can add the four readings to gether and divide them by four so we can put the answer in a graph.
2=The readings for the recource room are all zero because there are no windows and the lights where off.
3=The brightest place is Room 2 because Room 2 is small so the light out side the window fills Room 2 up with light.
4=An average reading is the number that we get when we add all the numbers together and divide the numbers by four.
5=The second reading in class six was so different from the others because the second reading was probably near the window.
6=If you held the data logger up to some lights it would have an effect on the reading because the lights are infront of the data logger.
7=We use LUX to measure light.

Excellent answers William and Kieran - you have really thought about your answers. Well done :o)

1.The reason why we need four readings is because there were four people holding them.

2.The reason why the recource room was 0 was because there was no windows.

3.the playground was the brightest and i think thats because the sun was out and it was bright.

4.The average reading was made by adding the 4 numbers together and dividing them by 4.

5.The reason why the second reading in class 6 is because they were facing the window.

6.If you point the detector at the light it will get higher and if not it gets smaller.

7.The light was measured in lux.

There are four readings around the school beacause there are four data loger,s.The resouse room had no light so all the readings say none.the brightest place is outside because the readings all are high numbers.the avredge numbers come from Tecnoligy.class 6 have more light.The data loggers have readings from light.

(1)there are four readings for each location because we used four data logers.
(2)All of the rusults from the resource were 0 because it was dark
(3)the brightis place was outside because the sun is outside and it is the brighitis thing in the world
(4)the averige reading is what you add and divide
(5)the second one in class 6 was diffent because they were stading nere the window.
(6)the way that the data loger was held affeced it because if you point it up the number would rise
(7)the unit of measurement we used is lux

1]why are there four reading's for each locotion around the school?Because there was no light in the room.

2]Why do all the resourse room read o?Because on light's were on and they were no window's.

3]were the brighter places-why do you think this?the play ground because it has a lot of light.

4]what is the average reading?how is it found?you have to add all answer's toghether.

5]what could have caused the second reading's in class 6 to be so diffrent from the other's?Because they were standing next to the window.

6]How could the waythat the data logger was held affect the macheane?holding it in a diffrent way.

7]what the unit of measurement that the light was measure in?the light was measured in looks.

1)There were four readings to show different readings in the rooms.
2)In the resource room itread 0 because the lights were off.
3)The playground was the brightest place because nothing was blocking the sun.
4)to get the average reading add all four together and divide by four.

1=There where four readings because we used four machines

2=The readings from the resource room was 0 because it was dark

3=The brighest room is outside because there was nothing to block the light

1.because there are four around the school?because if one is wong.
2.in the resource why are they all 0?because there were no windows.
3.the brightest is the playground ?because the sun light.

1)There are four readings for the location around the school because there are four pupils.

2)The results from the resource room = 0 because it is very dark and there are know windows and know lights.

3)The brighest place is outside because it is very light.

4)The average reading is were you add and then divide

1)Thair was four readings because there were four data logings.
2)All the readings on the resource room collom was (0) because the lights were out and there were no windows.
3)out-side because 1.of the sun 2.and thairs nothing bloking the sun 3.also thair was nothing over yor head.
4)The avrige was added up by dividing by four.

1.There were four readings because we used four machines.
2.The resource room read zero because there were no lights on.
3.The brightest place was outside because the sun and nothing is blocking the light.
4.To get the average reading add all four readings together and divide by four.

1.There are four readings beacause there are 4 people holding the datalogger

2.the reasults for the resorce room are 0 because it was dark

3.the brightist place was outside

4.to find the avarage you add the numbers up then divide by 4

1 there were 4 readings beacause just in case it was wrong.
2 Beacause there were no windows in the resoreces room.
3 I think outside baecause there is just light.
4 The avergage is find by adding then dived.

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