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March 07, 2012

Mrs Watts's Writing Group, Your Next Challenge!

Mrs Watts Writing Group,

For the rest of this term you have a fantastic task! 

We all know that all children love doing homework! Your next task is to create homework challenges for the rest of the school. This could be poems, story writing, instructional writing or newspaper articles, whatever you wish.

Firstly you have to write a piece of writing yourself, to inspire your peers to get thinking! Maybe you can create the beginning to a story or write a newspaper article to demonstrate how it could be written? 

You will be split into two groups: upper and lower school. So, Cavan, William and Frances will set homework for lower school. Emily, Nathan, Laura, Shireena, Eve, Olivia and Lily will set homework for upper school. 

Next Tuesday we will get together straight after registration where I would like you to have thought about this task and have come up with some great ideas! 

Good Luck!   Mrs Watts


Comments we have received about this article;

This sounds like a great idea Mrs Watts, I'm already looking forward to reading the creations your group write to inspire the rest of the school.

Thank you!

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