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March 19, 2012

Farewell Morris

Today class3 looked at the remaining images within the story of Morris Lessmore, and learnt what happened to Morris at the end of the tale. The children thought about why the story ended like it did, and wrote their thoughts about it;

I think Morris is young and old because at the end he looks young but he is still old, he just looks young. I also think that Morris Lessmore is going to heaven and the books are taking him there by flying. The girl will be the librarian because she has arrived just like Morris when the lady got a book ride to heaven. I think Morris imagined this because when his house went in the tornado his house went with him so when he fell out of the house and he hit his head he had the dream of all of it and he woke up and thought it was real.  - Josh

I think Morris Lessmore is young and old man and he is going to heaven to live his happy days because before he left he said “its time for me to move on and I will carry you all in here and that’s when he set off. He is getting there by the flying books pulling him along the sky at the end of the story and I think the significance to the girl with the flying books is she used to be the librarian before Morris Lessmore and that’s what happened to her. I think Morris Lessmore is imagining this whole experience and I think he is reading a book and is still in the story and he is leaving the story at the end.    - Lily

Morris Lessmore is old and young because he turned old after a long time at the library and then when the books flew round him he suddenly turned young again. I think that he is going back to real world because he decided that a girl shall take over as librarian and he is getting to the real world by the flying books. I think that he experienced it because there were real people involved in the story as well and the storm was real and the books made him feel better. - Tor

Morris started off young until his house got whisked away by a tornado. He entered a land with no colour and spent the rest of his life in a library and turned old. Then mysteriously turned young again. After Morris exited the library he flew off with some books. That may have taken him back in time so he can start his life again and not dedicate his life to books again and actually live his life. Morris is being taken to wherever he is going by books on some sort of string or even lead. The girl may represent Morris and she may go and spend her life in the library and then be taken back again just like Morris to restart her life again. I think Morris may have died in the tornado and watched how the rest of his life would have gone. If that’s possible! - Bethany

Morris probably going to heaven because he went up in the sky with his book and never returned. He is going to heaven with the flying books, on a lead of course, lifting him up the stairway to heaven. - Warwick


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