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March 01, 2012

Class 4 share their stories with Class 7

Class 4 wrote and illustrated their own fables on an app on the i-pad. Mrs Griffiths and Class 7 invited us to share the fables. It was a lovely session and the children had a fantastic time. Thank you Mrs Griffiths and Class 7 for making us feel so welcome and for being excellent listeners. :) 

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Comments we have received about this article;

I hope the children in Years 3 and 4 enjoyed your stories as much as I did. The iPads are such a wonderful way of creating and sharing stories. They're not a replacement for pen and paper (yet!) but I think they make learning all the more exciting. Not many schools in England use iPads yet. You're all very fortunate to have them!

To Mr Cullen . My name is Mrs Leary . I Looked at your stories they were so amazing I Even showed my children in school they loved your stories i think you should give them a Award in Assembly and by the way i looked at your world book day photos and they were so funny those photos made my children laugh!!! i mean they were amazing i think you should give them a award Mr Cullen. Bye and do not forget to give your class a AWARD!!!! And by me say to your class WELL DONE THANK YOU BYE BYE

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