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February 20, 2012

Morris is asking for your help...




Comments we have received about this article;

My favourite book is the collection of Jack Stalwart by Elizabeth singer hunt I am really intrested in the books and I am reading one of then called the mission to find max it is based in egypt and i reconmend it to a boy at the age 6 and over i think they will really enjoy it

my favourite book is .....' My Best Friend Bob' by Georgie Ripper i like it because it is about two guinea pigs called Bob and Brian and i LOVE GUINEA PIGS!!!!!

i am reading carries war.it is very interesting because it is based on WW2.I like the character of nick because he eats alot!

My favorite book is holes by louis sachar. I LOVE this book because its really funny and also a bit sad (ish)! it also a very adventure type book. :D

My favourite book is billionaire boy it is by David Walliams.It is a funny book I would recomed it to people of the age 9-11.It is mainly aboute a boy who is rich and goes to a posh school but he hates it because all of the kids bully him.

My faveourite book is "The suitcase Kid" By Jacqueline Wilson. It is about a girl called Andrea (she likes to be called Andy) who has had her parents divorced, or just split up I forgot, and she really wants them to get back together. They have been going to some classes to help them like eachother again but it does not work. Whenever her dad drops her off from his house to hers, Andys parents ALWAYS fight. It is a happy ending because her parents learn to work things out and live together again, wich also makes Andy happy. That is why I like The Suitcase Kid. :)

I know im not a year 5 or 6 but i just wanted to say that my favourite book is called lily alone,its about a girl called lily wich her mum has gone to work all night and she said she would be back and lily was really worried and she thought that she was trapped in a car with a man and thought that the man was hurting her then lily had to look after her sisters and brothers wich are younger than her and they were really annoying lily and lily was really scared and panicing about her mum

My favorite book is holes we are reading .it in class I like this book it is a funny book and sad a book .I like itbecause I really like the way it is set out. it's about a boy who didn't do any thing wrong but he gets the blame for something he didn't do.
Because he is in the wrong place at the wrong time .I love the book so far it's really good! but I can't wait intill we wach the movie i can not wait !! :D

My favourite books are probly the collection of The Princess Diarys because you can really relate to them! Its about a girl called mia but she turns out to be the princess of genovia! Her grandmare makes her call her granmere as Genovia is in france so they have to speak a tiny bit of french. Mia has a crush on her best friends (Lily) Brother (Michal). Mias arch enemie is called Lana and she hoggs all the good boys. Luckly for mia Lana thinks Michal is a bit of a geek. But in book 3 Michal starts going out with Frute Fly Girl (Judith). Well thats what Mia thought was going on.

This book is for about 11+ so irecomend it for year!

My favourite book is moshi monsters moshlings collectors guide because it tells you about moshlings (they dont really excist) it also tells you how to get the moshlings on the moshi monster internet game i like it, it is very interesting!

My favorite book at the moment is called the tale of Emily Windsnap, its about a girl who lives on a boat but her mother is determined to keep her away from the water. One day Emily goes for a swimming lesson with her class and discovers she is half mermaid this is why her Mum doesn't like the water. The story has lots of twists and turns and has kept me reading night after night. I am nearly on the third story in the series, best book ever:]

My favourite book is.... diary of a wimpy kid because its easy for me to read and its like a cartoon whats funny and he gets in to lost of mischiv ist so cool.

My favourite book is Emily Windsnap because once you've started reading you get engroced by the description in which it describes the characters and the setting. The author makes you feel you are just their in that scene. This book is about an ordinary girl in an ordinary world, so she thinks, one day she starts swimming lessons and she finds out she is a MERMAID! When she goes in the sea she meets a mermaid friend and discovers some secrets that she should have discovered a long time ago...

my favorite book is fantastic mr.fox the ourther is rahl dahl the ilastrater is quentin blake i like it because its funny and the fox looks after his family and cares for other people and i like it when they find ways to get in the farmers farms and take there food and eat it therselfs and i like the movie of it too and thats the book i like the most

my favourite book is the great ghost rescue.it is a book about some ghosts who get kicked out of thier home i like it because it is an adventure to find a new home but some exorsists try to kill them.
the ghosts are a floating scottish warrior,a old hag,a screaming skull, a young hag,a normal ghost,a water troll,and two vampire bats that is all morris im not telling you any more read it for yourself.

My favourite book is moshi monsters collectors guide because it tells you about the moshlings and what they like such as what there favourite food is and what colour they like and other stuff like that. The person that tells you about it all is called buster bummble chops. The moshi monsters collecters guide is colourful and informative and that is why i like it.

My favorite book is Best Friends by Jaqueline Wilson. Its my favorite book because it has a happy ending and its something that would happen in real life! I think its a new book because the words are not all old fashion. Its about two girls who are best friends UNTIL! one of them has to move away to Scotland. Before they leave to go to Scotland the one who ISNT going away asks the other girl if they want to run away..They get caught etc etc. One day the girl gets to go to Scotland for a visit and then she finds out that the girl in Scotland has got a new friend call Flora. Then no-one likes Flora because she starts to be bossy. Then they keep in contact via email or letter!

My favorite book is called the tale of emily windsnap the author is liz cestler .Its really good it is about a girl who lives on a boat but her mum doesnt like the water. one day emily goes on a swiming lesson with her class and discovers she has a mermaid tale. There are lots of good books in the seiries I am on the third book now that one is called emily windsnap and the casle in the mist. The second one is called emily windsap and a monster from the deep. I like the first one the best. I recomend this book to any girl.

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